How To Find Open Houses When You’re House Hunting

How To Find Open Houses When You’re House Hunting

Where can you find open houses when you’re house hunting?

When you’re looking to buy your dream home, odds are you’ll start searching in the neighborhood you prefer. But since you don’t live in the neighborhood you’re searching, how to find open houses may seem tricky.

Tips for finding open houses during house hunting

Search on the internet

One of the easiest places where you can start searching for your dream home is the internet. There are many reputable real estate websites on the internet where you can find open houses listed by sellers and realtors.

You can start by searching for listed homes in the neighborhood or city you want. Chances are, you’ll see pictures of several homes and how to contact their listing agents. The best part is you can see how the homes look like. You’ll see pictures of the rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, floors, roof, landscape and the backyards. Once you find your dream home, contact the listing agent.

Follow the signs

abode-987096_1280-min open houses
Several open houses often have a sign indicating that the property is for sale.

Its not hard to see “Open House” signs or “Property For Sale” in front of houses that are on the market. When you’re house hunting in any neighborhood, consider driving by and walking around and lookout for the “For Sale” signs.

Also, odds are you’ll see posters and fliers about open houses and how to contact their listing agents.

Search on social media

Many listing agents share pictures of open houses on social media. You can start searching for your dream home on Instagram, Twitter or any other social networking sites. Use hashtag open houses and the name of the city or neighborhood you’re looking to buy a home.

If you have a smart device like a smartphone or tablet, you can download apps of real estates companies and search for open houses in your preferred neighborhood.

Visit local realtors’ offices

One of the best places you can find information about open houses in any neighborhood is the local realtors offices. You can walk into any real estate office and ask about open houses in the neighborhood.

How to make your house hunting worth the time

When you’re looking for open houses, some of the things you should consider taking along is a camera and a note. Whether you’re going to see just 1 house or 100 houses,  you should take pictures of the key features of the home. Consider taking photos of the kitchens, bathrooms, the backyard, rooms or even the landscape.

If there are key things you’re looking for in a home, take several pictures of it from different angles. Once you’re home, you can review those pictures and pick the property that matches what you want. If you’re looking to see several properties, consider drawing a map so you can plan your route appropriately. That way, you can save time and energy while seeing all the houses.

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