How To Do A Change Of Address While Moving

How To Do A Change Of Address While Moving

So you’ve eventually made the much anticipated move to your new home. As you begin to settle into the new neighborhood and make new friends, it’s important not to miss out on anything significant from your previous home or town.

If you’re yet to update your address or contact information, items such as packages, bills, letters etc. can be delivered to your previous home. The new residents may not be

Photo by GotCredit @ Flickr / CC BY
Photo by GotCredit @ Flickr / CC BY

interested in any of your packages but throw them in the trash can. Identity thieves are always searching for packages that contains personal data in thrash cans. Learn more about how to protect yourself from identity theft when you move.

Here are some of the best tips you’ll find on how to ensure all your mails and any other package are delivered to your new home:

How to Change Your Address Properly

Update Address with USPS

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The first place to start is by updating your address with the USPS. The USPS is responsible for keeping a record of your old residential address and for the next six months, it will automatically deliver mails to your new address.

Although, the system is not foolproof, the post office always gets a hold of most outdated address.

How to do the Update?

You can have a change of address via any of the following methods:

  1. Start by visiting the Official Postal Service Change of Address Website. You’ll need a debit card or credit because the USPS charges a $1 fee to authenticate your identity while changing your address on the Internet.
  2. You can call 1-800-ASK-USPS. Also, you’ll be asked to pay $1 identity verification fee for changing your address via the phone.
  3. At your local post office, you can request for Form 3575. If you decide to appear in person and apply directly, the USPS will not request for the verification fee.

Update Address with DMV

After moving to a new town or city, you’ll have to order a new state identification card or driver’s license with your new address. Every state has their own Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that requires you to keep your information correct and up-to-date. Several states require you to update your address within 30 days after moving, to avoid any fines or tickets. Make sure yo do so sooner than later.

How to do the update?

Some states permit address change to be done online, while others require you to visit a DMV and do it in-person. Visit your statesocal DMV location and request an address change form. You may also do this online is some states. Visit the state’s DMV website and read about the requirements and proceed accordingly.

Update Monthly Subscriptions

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This is one of the most common thing people forget to update. We all have several monthly subscriptions ranging from magazines to fruit of the month club, that are shipped to our house and billed for. Don’t forget to give them your new address so you continue to receive your items without any hassle.

How to do the update?

You’ll need to update every company individually to be 100% sure. Its a painstaking process but you don’t want to forget anything. Many magazines and catalogs can allow you update your information online. Visit their website or call their customer service number to proceed with the address change.

If you have a lot of subscriptions or if you just don’t remember all of them, try using Truebill. Its a handy little service that finds and gathers all your subscriptions so you can manage them all from one place.

 Update Bank & Credit Cards

Your credit card company may find it hard to believe if you inform them that your bills didn’t arrive. To ensure that all your bills are delivered, create a list of every bill you’ve received in paper form and then contact each of the companies requesting for a change of address.

Many companies will allow you update your information online. Choose the option that is most convenient for you to make the change of address quicker.

When you shop online, your bank will send you statements and authenticate your debit-card billing address. If you use online banking, you may be allowed to update your address via your account. Also, you can call the bank customer service line or visit the bank in person.

Update Friends & Family

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Keep your friends in the loop and let the party continue after moving. Tell your friends and loved ones about your change of address.

It’s important to let your friends and loved ones know you’ve moved. You can save time by making a list of everyone you intend to contact. As soon as you have a list, send each of them an email or call to tell them about your change of address.

With tools like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, its easier to notify everyone at once while still keeping your information private from people you don’t want to share with.

Update Shipping Address

If you’re always shopping online, especially on websites like Amazon and eBay, update your profile with your new shipping address. Several online shopping websites use a one-click checkout feature to prevent time wasting which could turn out painful if you order an item to your old address.

Update Clubs & Organizations

If you belong to any club or organization that sends monthly subscription order in the mail, ensure you contact these clubs or organizations too. You may be allowed to  do a change of address via the Internet. But with smaller organizations and clubs you may have to write or call them in order to update your address. These could include services like fruit of the month club, Trunk Club etc.

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