Handy Tips to Safely Move Perishable Goods

Handy Tips to Safely Move Perishable Goods

Relocation is a process that includes the much tedious task of packing and unpacking all of your belongings. Though there are various items that require packing, perishables require special attention. Most moving companies, however, suggest getting rid of perishables instead of taking them along. This may not be an economically pragmatic solution, especially in the scenario where you have a lot of food stored in your refrigerator. In such a scenario, the best solution would be to carry them along.

Perishable items are difficult to move by the conventional moving process due to obvious reasons. Hence, you need to follow some simple steps to safely carry your perishable items while making a move.

Reasons to Opt for a Special Treatment to Move Perishable Consumables

Perishable consumables include frozen food, opened food products, indoor and outdoor plants, etc. These articles are to be moved differently because of the following reasons:

– Food spilling can cause damage to other items as well.

– Long exposure causes moisture build up and stinking smell in the products.

– Stored perishable items can cause rodent problems.

– Over-exposure of perishables can cause unhygienic environment leading to illness.

How to Handle Perishables While Making a Move?

The ideal suggestion is to use your own arrangements to transport your perishable items maybe in an ice cooler rather than giving this responsibility to a moving company; however, if it is not possible to self-transport these items, you should try to follow these tips:

– Leave the moving boxes (that store perishables) open for as long as possible to cut down on moisture and intolerable smell.

– It is recommended to pack in 1-2 cubic ft. boxes with a 3 inch paper lining at the bottom of the box to help with spillage.

– If possible arrange for a freezer truck to transport perishables.

– Label the perishable item boxes carefully so that they are taken utmost care of and are directly placed in the new pantry without much confusion.

– When travelling far, it is advisable to give away your frozen goods or consume them before the move.

– It is typically not recommended to transport canned/perishable food internationally as a custom delay may cause your freight to be opened or seized.

– It is better to throw away the unwanted food such as, the expired consumables, the wrapped food items that you will no longer require or that don’t suit your taste bud.

– Perishables should be properly sealed in an interior airtight container or plastic bag before packing them.

Moving your perishable stuff would not be easy while you are relocating, however, your life could be easy and tension-free if you try to follow these guidelines and rope in a competent moving company.