Green Home Features Every Home Buyer Should Know About

Green Home Features Every Home Buyer Should Know About


How would you know if the home you intend to buy is environmentally friendly?

Many home buyers are already going green by buying environmentally friendly homes that are energy efficient.

Interestingly, many of these home buyers and home remodelers are more concerned about some key features in a green home better than others. But what precise feature can make a home more environmentally friendly than another?

To make buying a green home easier for any home buyer, The National Association of Realtors recently published an infographic that highlights the key features of a green home that buyers are often interested in.

Some of these key features are energy efficient appliances, heating and cooling cost, environmentally friendly community features, an installed solar panel and landscaping for energy conservation. Heating and cooling costs were considered by 84% of green home buyers, while 11% considered solar panels installed on homes.

Here is the infographic and all the key stats:

green-home-features-infographic-03-11-2016-full (2)
Image credit: Realtors


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