Essential Tips For Office Decor After A Business Move

Essential Tips For Office Decor After A Business Move

After a successful business move you need to create the appropriate aura for your business in its new location. Since image and reputation are viewed as part of branding and public relations effort regardless of your type of business, you need to pay attention to appropriate decoration for your new office.

As you start out in your new location, bear in mind that first impressions are sacred. However, if you intend to give your entire business a makeover or rebranding considers hiring an interior decoration expert. The expert can help you design your new business office to match your reputation to suits your branding objectives.

Reality check For Business Move

Before you opt for any specific office décor, do a reality check. Ask yourself some questions that can help you reach a reasonable conclusion.

  • What’s my budget for the decoration project?
  • What are the essential things the office need?
  • How big is the office space?
  • Do I want to have the same décor as my previous office?
  • Can some parts of the décor wait?

How you respond to these questions may influence your choice for the type of decoration you need. The reason for your relocation might be to downsize or to expand, and it may influence how you choose to decorate your new space.

Essential Decoration Hints For Different Types Of Businesses

Retail Store Owners

Ensure you leave enough space for your customers to breathe and maneuver. Also, make sure your merchandise on the floor is not overcrowded, and consider using shelving and racks to hang items that require it. You can use some flood lighting to indicate or highlight sale or new items. You can vary your color scheme depending on your brand and merchandise.

Restaurant Owners

It’s often said that red and yellow colors trigger hunger, try any one of them. Consider using an artwork to be the focal point of your place to keep your customers engaged. Check your seating arrangements if they need replacements or reordering. Ensure your seats are arranged to make customers feel comfortable.

Corporate Office Building Owners

Maintain a clean color scheme, keep it simple and classy. Consider neutral tones as your main color such as cream, beige, light grey etc. Use bright colors for a single accent wall or a small highlight of your brand color throughout the office space. You can adorn the walls elegantly with glass business signs, and soft lighting that is hospitable to clients.

Warehouse Owners

It’s easy to assume that a warehoused does not need any sort of décor. However, ensure your warehouse have a fresh coat of paint and appropriate water sealants applied.

Complement Your Décor With Office Supplies    

While office supplies are not necessarily part of your décor getting a bit creative with them can complement your entire visual branding efforts as you decorate.

Print Your Brand Labels on Pens

You can print your brand labels on pens, pencils, or pencil holders (not compulsorily all three). This is a simple way to promote your brand image; almost everyone loves a free pen.

Stock Your Kitchen with Matching Items

Consider stocking your kitchen with matching silverware, mugs, bowls, cups, plates, etc. Such level of arrangement creates a unique impression of how you pay attention to every detail as a business.

Color Code Your Storage

Avoid having a cluttered office space. Ensure your file cabinets are in a neutral color and get as many as required to accommodate all your papers. This will ensure you don’t have unused papers flying around.

Employees Personal Decoration

Some employees may decide to add a personal touch to their office space. If you own the business, it’s crucial to let employees know what is acceptable or not as part of office decoration. As much as you want them to enjoy their comfort and freedom make it clear if there are limits to how far they can experiment.