Essential Moving Questions You Should Ask Your Mover

Essential Moving Questions You Should Ask Your Mover

Essential Moving questions you ask a mover will be the most important factor in picking the right company to help you move. After you request moving company quotes for your upcoming move, you will start receiving calls from various moving companies. Some of those companies will be based in your state, while others could be from other states with authority to carry out moves from different states.

How do you know which company you should go with? What questions you need to ask in order to qualify and select the best company for you?

Let guide you. We’ve compiled a list of most important moving questions you need to ask a mover. These are not the only questions you need to answer, however, these are definitely important question that you don’t want to leave out.

Essential Moving Questions You Should Must Ask Your Mover

1. How long has the moving company been in business?

If a moving company has been in business for several years, its obvious they are doing something right to stay in business. They most probably have a long list of customers and references that can provide you with. Also a company that has been around for a while is well aware of all the rules and regulations of the trade.

2. Does your company have a valid USDOT number or any unanswered complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Make sure the company you are speaking to has a valid license to operate. Each moving company looking to do long-distance moves is required to have a federal license called a USDOT number provided by the United States Department of Tranportation. For local moves the companies must have a valid state license. Check the company’s USDOT number on the FMCSA website and also check for any outstanding complaints on the BBB.

3. How long has the salesperson been giving moving estimates?

Experience counts for a lot.  Ask the sales rep about their background — were they a driver or did they work in some other aspect of the moving process before being an estimator?  The more experience they have, the more comfortable you will be that you are getting an accurate estimate. If they are unwilling to discuss their experience, take that as a red flag.

4. How long will it be before I get my stuff?

The amount of time it takes to transport your stuff to the new location greatly depends upon the distance of your move. It could vary from a few hours to a 3-4 days if the move is a cross country one. Allow a reasonable time for the moving company to deliver your goods, however, beware of anyone who offers dates that seem too good to be true.

5. What kinds of moving estimates and options does the company offer?

As about the kinds of estimates the company offers. Non-binding, binding and binding not-to-exceed estimates are the 3 types of moving estimates companies offer. You can learn a lot about the moving company rep and the movers by how knowledgeable they seem. A rep should know these options and should be able to answer them. Also inquire about the types of moving insurance they provide.

6. Has your company done and repeat work in my area?

This is mostly common sense. The more repeat work a company has done in your area the better indication it is that they provide quality service. If more and more people around you are using their services, they must be doing it right.

7. Do you have any references in my area of people that your company has moved recently?

This is a great way to get assurance that you are using the right company. Ask for some references but make sure they are from your area. Ask any of your friends or family if they’ve heard about the company or used them before.

8. How will you handle any damage to my stuff or the walls and carpet of my house?

If you’re moving a treasured heirloom or a large, cumbersome piece of furniture, ask the salesperson how it’ll be moved. This is another test of the moving consultant’s knowledge, as well as a test of how you might be treated. If they take the time to give you a thoughtful and complete answer, chances are good this is a company that cares about the customer and their possessions.

Compare and contrast the answers you receive from each moving company and then make an informed decision. Don’t let the price be your only guide. Remember: THE LOWEST QUOTE IS NOT THE BEST QUOTE.