Don’t Forget These Essential Items While Moving Out

Don’t Forget These Essential Items While Moving Out

Have you ever moved only to realize that you forgot a bunch of essential items???

Some significant items are easily forgotten during a move no matter how much you pay attention to details. It’s often frustrating and annoying to know you left some of your things at your previous home after you’ve spend some money and time to move.

But you can prevent forgetting any item while you move by creating a list of most frequently forgotten items. Consider the following items as part of your list:

Here are the list of Essential Items you should not forget

Items with Cleaners 

Don’t forget to collect any of your items you dropped off with cleaners or for repairs. Items such as clothes, dry cleaning, shoes, watches etc. are easily forgotten. Don’t forget to return movie rentals, library books, or any other items you must have checked out.

Old Phone Numbers   

Don’t forget to pack your phone books as you move. It’s easy to assume that you’ll remember all the phone numbers you call frequently. But if you leave your existing phone numbers behind you may end up spending a small fortune on directory assistance charges to tie up loose ends or contact old friends.


Before you move, make sure you obtain medical records of you and your family. Also, obtain any dental and immunization/vaccine data, and any veterinary record for your pet. In some instances a notarized letter is necessitated before you can receive an official documentation.

You should consider contacting the American Medical Records Association to figure out your new state’s needs. Also, you should consider transferring present prescriptions to a drugstore in your new town. If you’re a parent, make sure you obtain your child’s permanent school records. School records are often a part of the prerequisite for registering your child in a new school.

Don’t Lose Your New Address

Make sure you keep your new address close to you in your purse or pocket. In the bustle of getting set for a move, you might easily lose your new address. And your new address is crucial information if you intend to forward mails, credit card bills, periodicals, and to maintain contact with close friends, colleagues and family.

Hidden Treasure

Don’t forget any of your hidden treasures anywhere around the house even if they are buried. All jewelries and any other valuable fragile items should be packed and moved with you in your vehicle and not in the mover’s truck.

New Bank Account

Consider opening a new bank account in the town of your new home about a month before your move.  It will allow you have instant access to funds when you move in. It’s well worth it to have some cash at hands for unexpected expenses. In some cases some retailers may turn down cash “out-of-town” checks.


You can either make arrangements in advance for a cleaning service to handle your cleaning or leave out your cleaning supplies for the last once-over before you move out for good. Consider using up previously purchased cleaning products in order to reduce the number of things you’ll take along with you.

Transporting Your Pet

Don’t wait till the final minute to figure out how to move your pet. Plan ahead and arrange for your pet to be moved. You may be disappointed if you wait till the final moment and forced to leave your pet behind with friends or neighbors. Nobody can care for your pet the way you do.

Spare Keys

Don’t forget to collect all your spare house keys. Collect the ones given to neighbors, friends, family members or colleagues. Gather all your key sets before you relocate.

Garage Door Opener 

Don’t forget to take the electric garage door opener out of your automobile before moving. Make sure you don’t forget to leave the opener behind for the new residents.

Make sure you have everything covered and have a great move.

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