5 Signs You’ve Probably Hired Rogue Movers

5 Signs You’ve Probably Hired Rogue Movers

How would you know you’ve hired a rogue moving company?

All moving companies are not exactly the same. Many are happy to provide top-notch customer service at a competitive cost. Others are out to rip people off. Too bad!

But how can you tell the difference? There are several ways to identify rogue movers and avoid moving scams.

Here are tell-tale signs  you’ve hired rogue movers:

1. Sudden Price Hike

One of the key methods rogue movers use to entice people is cheap prices. But once you’ve signed a deal with them and th

shocked to see so many extra charges and hidden fees that add up ridiculously.

But you can prevent this by picking an appropriate moving estimate. Read more about the three different types of moving estimates and which one is right for you. You can get up to 6 free moving quotes from licensed and BBB rated moving companies on MoverJunction.com.

2. Huge Cash Deposit

Hired Rogue Movers
Don’t put your John Hancock on any deal with a moving company that is requesting for a huge sum deposit. Photo by Steven Depolo @ Flickr / CC BY

If a moving company is asking for a huge deposit before moving your items, chances are you’re about to do business with rogue movers. Also, it can be an indication of poor service as the moving company might be playing safe to rip you off before you realize their poor performance strategy.

Don’t put your John Hancock on any deal with a moving company that is requesting for a huge sum deposit.

3. Holding your household items hostage

Some moving companies will actually hold your items hostage until you pay up the unexpected extra charges they’re billing you. The movers will refuse to unload your belongings on their truck until you pay up out of frustration. If this happens at any stage of your move, the moving company is ripping you off.

4. Shady Insurance Cover

A moving company is not an insurance company. And if a moving company is offering any insurance, there are limits to what it can provide. If a moving company is offering you a blanket insurance that can cover all your items and asking you to only buy their insurance, odds are you’re about to be ripped off.

Professional moving companies can only offer minimal coverage, and they’ll advise their customers to buy additional insurance from a third party. Learn more about moving insurance, license regulations, and how to make sure you’re covered.

 5. Suspicious Practices

Inter-state moving companies are mandated to have a USDOT Number, registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and with a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Intra-state movers are also required to be registered with their state’s Department of Transportation.

If the moving company you intend to hire cannot provide any of these mentioned licensure, chances are you’re doing business with rogue movers. Also, if a moving company refused to put their promises in writing, or turned down an in-home moving estimate or shows up with a rental truck without a company logo and a USDOT Number, don’t sign any deal with them.

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