5 Android Apps For De-Cluttering And Organizing Your Home

5 Android Apps For De-Cluttering And Organizing Your Home

What’s the easiest way to de-clutter and organize a home?

What’s the easiest way to de-clutter and organize a home?

Organizing your home shouldn’t be just about creating more space – it can keep your entire life in shape. In fact, with a well-organized home, you can have a clear head and regain fresh energy to make plans, unwind and relax.

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Some smartphone apps can make clearing out clutter and organizing a home absolutely easier.

But if you intend to clear out clutters, where exactly should you start or end? How can you organize your home appropriately without disrupting your daily routine? Or is there any way you can de-clutter quicker and easier to better results?

Interestingly, some smartphone apps can actually make clearing out clutter and organizing a home absolutely easier.

You wouldn’t have to bother about disrupting your regular schedule or worry that you may never achieve any result.

So we’ve compiled some of the best 5 Android apps that makes home de-cluttering and organizing absolutely easy:

1. OurHome – Chores and Rewards

Photo credit: Google PlayStore
Photo credit: Google PlayStore

How will your kids feel if you reward them for clearing out clutter and doing their chores?

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Photo credit: Google PlayStore

OurHome app was designed to involve each family member in organizing a home, especially kids and they get rewarded for each task.

Your kids will be happy to do their chores even without being told or reminded as they can score points for each task they complete. They’ll be motivated to impress you because the higher the points the better the rewards!

With OurHome app, you can create, assign and schedule tasks for your kids and view the scores of each family member.

Also, you can create a smart grocery list and easily share what need to be bought with each family member.

You can let your kids know how happy you feel about their performance by liking or commenting on their tasks. Even more, the app has an in-built private family message board. You can chat and share ideas with your family members about how to do chores easily.

2. HomeStyler Interior Design 

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Photo credit: Google PlayStore

How can you experiment with your home design ideas before picking the best?

The HomeStyler interior design app was created to help you test as many home design ideas as possible by experimenting with real interior products. This app provides a perfect platform for creating almost any thing you want for home interior design before remodeling. But how exactly is that possible?

You can take a picture of a room and start designing by creating a 3D home design playground. In fact, you can place a high-quality 3D versions of real furniture in your room.

You can experiment with different product combination to see how realistic versions of real branded rugs, paintings, mirrors and more will appear in your room. You can even hang light fixtures in your ceiling. You can share your design with your family members, friends or with your remodeling contractor via Facebook or emails.

This app has an in-built ‘Design Stream’ where you can browse for articles, pics, how to’s and lots more. Interestingly, this app can connect you with professional interior designers in your area. You can browse through their portfolio and pick the best designer who can create that breathtaking design you’ve always wanted. What more? you can get answers to design questions or if you have a bigger home design project, you can ask for help.

3. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz 2
Photo credit: Google PlayStore
Photo credit: Google PlayStore

Where can you get a perfect inspiration to redecorate or renovate your home ?

Houzz boasts of over 7 million high-quality photos of home exteriors and interiors designs.

You can browse these photos by location, room, style and save or share any design you like.

After clearing out clutter, you may consider a new home interior design so you can organize your home from the scratch. You can browse the millions of photos on Houzz for a perfect home design inspiration.

What more? Houzz lets you connect with more than 800,000 home improvement experts including contractors, architects and designers. Also, if you’re looking to complete a home project, you can shop millions of products on this app.

 4. Cozi Family Organizer

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Photo credit: Google PlayStore
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Photo credit: Google PlayStore

It’s amazing how just one app can keep an entire family together so effectively with ease. Cozi have some of the best features of any home organizing app you can find anywhere on the internet.

This app has an in-built ‘Family Calendar’ that allows you to add or edit events that every family member can view.

Cozi allows you to set reminders so no one is kept in the dark about any important event and each family member can get an agenda for the upcoming weeks delivered via email.

With this app, you can easily set to-do-lists, shopping lists, recipe box and family journals. All these features are accessible on each device of every family member. Even more, all your family members can share one account that each family member can access via their own email address and the shared family password.

This wonderful app can keep your entire family organized as you plan and complete various tasks as a family. The best part? The app is absolutely free!

5. Planner 5D – Home Design

Planner 5D Home design
Image credit: Google PlayStore

I love this app. It can work online and offline.  Planner 5D lets you create beautiful and realistic home designs in 3D and 2D modes. You don’t have to imagine how your home design ideas will appear in reality. This app can easily help you recreate your design ideas in 3D or 2D modes.

Planner 5D has 4.6 million interior design ideas shared by different users. With these millions of ideas, you can easily create your own floor plans or build on a design from an existing gallery. Also, this app allows you choose and customize furniture, decor elements and accessories from a regularly updated catalog.

Planner 5D
Image credit: Google PlayStore

 If you enjoy playing around with colors, this app allows you to apply hundreds of colors and textures in different combinations as you drag and drop items on any place on your layout. Also, you can change the size of any item to fit your design and you can share your project with friends on social networks.

The best part of it all? you can view created projects in 5D virtual reality mode with Google Cardboard glasses or similar.

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