10 Tips to Properly Prepare Your Car for Shipping

10 Tips to Properly Prepare Your Car for Shipping

If you intend to ship your car either across the country or even internationally, it’s crucial to ensure the vehicle is appropriately prepared for the trip. After you’ve received your auto shipping estimates and selected an auto-moving company, it’s crucial to consider checklists and guidelines the auto shippers gives you.

Benefits of Preparing Your Vehicles for Shipping

  • Lowers the risk of damage to the exterior and interior of your vehicle
  • Avoids delay while in custom or during inspections
  • Saves you the time and cost of replacing or repairing your car parts

Guidelines for Preparing Your Vehicles

The guidelines the auto shippers provide may include useful requirements that concern your car and its move. Aside from those requirements, whether you intend to ship your car in the U.S. or overseas, consider preparing your car in the following ways before shipping:

  1. Disable anti-thefts devices and alarms: ensure these devices are disabled to stop them from preventing access into the vehicle, startling the driver, or causing any glitch.
  2. Check for personal items: don’t forget to remove all your personal items from the car. Ensure items such as jewelry, electronic devices, and important documents are not left in your car.
  3. Check for leaking fluids: the auto shippers can hold you liable for any coolant, battery, or oil fluids leaks. Ensure your car is not leaking fluids from any of its parts.
  4. Protect, adjust, or remove any loose parts: remove any detachable parts such as the antenna and any other ones. For parts that cannot be detached such as fog lights, side mirrors, and spoilers, make sure you wrap them with protective covering. You may also retract the car antennae and fold back your mirrors.
  5. Keep only ¼ gallon fuel in the gas tank: extra gasoline in the vehicle’s engine can cause leaks while in transit. Also, less fuel implies your vehicle will weigh less.
  6. Check the fluids in the expansion tanks: consider reducing the fluid level in your expansion tank and check with your expansion specialist. This will let the air and antifreeze on the vehicle system to expand with rising pressure and temperature.
  7. Wash and clean your car: washing and properly cleaning the outside and inside of your car will give you the chance to inspect it as you clean. You may observe some things you didn’t see before and fix it before shipping.
  8. Check the battery charge: this is absolutely crucial especially when shipping with overseas shipping services. The shippers may request an extra fee if your car failed to start up when the shippers wants to roll-off the car.
  9. Seal all tears and openings: if you own a convertible top, it’s important to ensure the roads dust, moisture, and debris are prevented from getting in the car.
  10. Take photos of your car if possible to document its present condition before shipping. Ensure you have copies of your car keys. You’ll be disappointed if you arrive at your new location only to find out you’ve lost your original set and you’re unable to drive your vehicle.

However, to ensure you and your car are appropriately prepared for the shipping, speak to the auto movers about your vehicle insurance coverage. Also, make sure you are present during your vehicle’s initial inspections.