10 Items You Should Never Store In Self Storage Units

10 Items You Should Never Store In Self Storage Units

Self storage units can accommodate so many items.

But some items are absolutely prohibited, while others are often rejected by many self storage units. Interestingly, some of these items that are rejected in one self storage unit might be accepted in another.

Learn how to choose the right self storage units for your items.

If you intend to store items in any self storage unit, ask the unit operators for a list of prohibited items. That way, you wouldn’t end up with a pile of items without a place to store them.

10 Items That Are Often Rejected Or Prohibited In Self Storage Units

1. Firearms and Guns

Many self storage units do not accept any firearm including revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns etc. However, some self storage units specialize in storing firearms.

If you find a self storage unit that agrees to store firearms, ask for their license, check if they are rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and go online to read reviews about their services. Find out how to organize your self storage unit like a pro.

2. Pressure vessels and Aerosols

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Before storing any item in self storage units, ask the operators if the item is allowed.

Aerosol and pressure vessels such as gas cylinders may explode due to extreme increase in temperature causing fire and damaging several other items in a self storage unit.

As a result of this, many self storage unit do not accept pressure vessels and aerosols.

3. Pets and Plants

Self storage units do not store pets regardless of the pet’s specie or size. Also, many self storage unitsĀ  do not store plants as they can wither and die while in storage.

4. Explosives

Explosives are generally prohibited in self storage units. Explosives include kerosene, fireworks and gasoline. The key is if the item or material can cause fire, odds are self storage units will turn it down.

5. Medical items

Medical items are generally not permitted in self storage units. Items such as X-ray machines, prescriptions, heart monitors etc. The key is to ask the unit operators for what is allowed and what is not.

6. Items with a strong odor

Many self storage units do not store items with a strong odor. Items with a strong odor such as colognes and perfumes can cause a negative reaction on other stored items. Whether the odor is considered good or bad, once it is strong enough to have an effect on other items, chances are it could be turned down.

7. Tires

Many self storage units do not store tires because they are difficult to get rid of.

While a self storage unit can allow you to store a car, chances are they wouldn’t allow you to include any more than the four tires already on it.

This is so because many storage unit users disappear and leaving their items to the self storage unit to dispose of.

8. Hazardous Materials

To avoid damages to other people’s items, hazardous materials such as acids, disinfectants, toxic substances, radioactive materials, fungicides and chemicals are not allowed in self storage units.

9. Any illegal item

If you store any illegal item without the consent of the self storage unit operators, that item is still illegal. The facility operators wouldn’t cover up for you once they discover you have an illegal item in your rented space.

10. Jewelry or extremely valuable items

Some self storage units specialize in storing jewelries and other valuables. But some will turn down any jewelry or valuable for safety and security reasons or inability to provide necessary insurance to cover such items.

If you intend to store jewelries or any valuable item, ask the unit operators about their insurance options and the safety of stored items.

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