Use recyclable packing materials to start life in a new home on a positive note

Use recyclable packing materials to start life in a new home on a positive note

Moving from one address to another involves packing all your possessions the right way. This in turn requires the use of a lot of packing materials, such as bubble wraps, newspapers, and corrugated cardboard boxes. What do you do with all these items once you have shifted to your new home and unpacked all your possessions? The easiest way would be to throw all these away. However, you can also decide to reuse and recycle all the packing material and make sure you are not adding to the exorbitant amount of waste generated each year across the globe.

The packing materials that can be recycled are listed below.

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic boxes
  • Newsprint

Steps for successful recycling

Separate: Separate the accumulated materials, depending on those that can be recycled and those that are not recyclable.

Store: Use containers to store the different types of packing materials

Stack: Stack the corrugated cardboard boxes, newspapers, and other papers used for packing and tie them up properly.

Clean: Clean plastic bags and clothing that can be used again.

Get in touch with professionals: Locate a company that recycles waste and arrange for them to pick up the recyclable materials from your curbside.

You can also decide not to discard your packing materials but keep them stored in a safe place for future use. This is the responsible way to deal with packing materials; when you have taken the decision to reuse or recycle the boxes and newsprint used in packing, you would have formed a deeper connection with your new home and environment, which in turn would give you a positive approach to start life afresh in your new home.