The right way to pack your guitar before you move

The right way to pack your guitar before you move

If you are passionate about guitar, you cannot conceive of the idea of tossing your prized possession along with other items in a box as all your belongings are being packed on the day of the move. As a creative person and someone who spends long hours strumming the instrument, you would want to pack it properly to keep it safe for the long haul. As it is, guitars are quite vulnerable to damages and need special care while being carried from one place to another.

So, what are the steps to packing a guitar so that you do not arrive at your new home with broken strings or a cracked bridge?

Find a proper box

Find a box of the right size, where the padded guitar just fits in snugly with no room to move around. You can visit your nearby USP store to find guitar shipping boxes that are just the right size. You might have to order special shipping boxes at least a few weeks before your scheduled packing day to get boxes of the right dimension.

Prepare the guitar before you pack

Loosen the strings so that they do not snap during the actual relocation process. Remove the strap and other parts that are attached to your instrument and pack them separately. This simple practice can go a long way in preventing damage and safeguarding your guitar.

There are a few detachable parts, such as capos, tools, and bridge covers that are really small; pack these inside a plastic bag and tape the bag shut so that nothing gets lost in transit.

Pack the guitar

Use old blankets, unprinted newsprint, or paper towels to wrap the guitar and give it a few additional layers of padding. Make sure you are not using bubble wrap as it can damage your favorite musical instrument rather than protecting it.

Place the guitar inside the box and ensure that the wrapped instrument is sitting in comfortably. Moreover, the size of the box should be such that you do not need to force the box shut.

Use crushed newsprint to fill in the empty spaces in the box to keep the instrument in place. Place an extra layer of padding behind the headstock and the tuners to provide maximum support to your much loved instrument.  Close the box and secure it with packing tape.

Label the box

Mark the box as fragile after it has been packed. Another good practice is to draw arrows on the box to indicate the direction you want the box to be placed, when it is being loaded on to the truck.