Plan your Move With Out Of State Movers

Plan your Move With Out Of State Movers

When we say Out of State Movers, we don’t mean a company that’s located in a different state than you. 

Out of state movers, also referred to as Interstate Movers or Long Distance movers, are moving companies that specialize in doing long distance, interstate or cross country moves. 

If you have ever relocated out of state without hiring an interstate moving company, you will agree that moving is one of the most stressful events in life. 

In fact, any little mistake can cause damage to several items which may cost more than hiring an interstate moving company. This is why you need to hire an out of state mover to make your entire relocation easier and stress-free. Out of state movers offer a great way to plan a successful move.

Most reputable out of state movers have been in business for long and they are aware of the pros and cons of certain moving methods. In short, out of state movers know what works and what doesn’t.

Finding reputable interstate moving companies is quite easy if you know how. You may browse the web and search for a reputed provider online. Since you’re moving out of state, it is advisable to select out of state movers so they can help you with every other thing related to moving out of state.  

If selected correctly, a moving company can take out all the stress from your stressful process of moving and help you have a successful move.

Benefits of hiring an interstate moving company

  • Efficient service
  • Saves valuable time
  • Protection for your valuables:
  • No multiple trips
  • Cost effective than a DIY move
  • Avoid injuries
  • Convenience
  • They have the right tool for each task
  • Multiple assistance
  • Professional packing
  • Appropriate insurance
  • Personal relief
  • Your items will be safe throughout the move

Below are the key factors you have to consider before choosing any interstate moving company for your move:

What to consider before hiring any out of state moving company

Here are the 5 key questions to ask before hiring interstate movers:

Is the interstate mover licensed as required by law?

Every moving company in the US is required by law to be registered with the FMCSA and have a USDOT Number. Ask if the interstate moving company is registered and request for their USDOT Number. You should verify the number on the FMCSA’s website.

Who will be responsible for your move?

Some interstate moving companies have a team of professional movers that handle all their moving needs. Others hire independent contractors and subcontractors to help them complete moves.

You should choose an interstate mover with an in-house team because they are more dedicated to providing top-quality services to protect their reputation in the industry. Unlike contractors and subcontractors who are mostly interested in one-off jobs.

Will the interstate mover offer a binding quote?

Interstate moves involve several different costs that can quickly add up into a huge amount of money. Before hiring any interstate moving company ask if they have any hidden costs or fees. 

You should also request for a binding quote which indicates that your moving cost will not exceed a specified amount. You can use this free moving cost calculator to figure out the cost of your move.

The binding quote is often arrived at after the interstate movers evaluate all your items and the workload involved in the relocation. More so, getting a binding quote means you wouldn’t be bothered about getting a surprise moving cost after moving. 

Start by requesting for free moving quotes, then select a mover, before asking for a binding quote.  

Who will be responsible for your delicate items?

Interstate moves are typically long distance moves which means your items will most likely be in transit for a day or more. Odds are you’ll be wondering what will become of your fragile or delicate items throughout the move, from packing to delivery.

Ask the interstate moving company if they have experts who are responsible for packing such delicate items appropriately to ensure they are moved and delivered in one piece. These fragile items include flat-screen TV, antiques, pianos, grandfather clocks, etc.

Will the interstate mover provide moving insurance?

By law all interstate moving companies are required to provide at least Basic Carrier Liability Insurance. Before hiring any interstate moving company, ask about the type of moving insurance they are offering in the event of damage or loss. 

Some interstate movers offer partial protection for lost or damaged items while others offer full protection.

Make sure whatever types of moving insurance the company is offering is indicated on your contract. Learn about moving insurance and license regulations to make sure you’re covered.