MoverJunction Wins the Innovations Award

MoverJunction Wins the Innovations Award

Disclaimer: This post is a little late. Been trying to write it since the beginning of this month but kept getting pushed back

Last month was a good month for MoverJunction. For a few big reasons. We’ve been working on a lot of new stuff here at MoverJunction and I’m extremely happy to report that its producing some great results.

#1 – More Moving Customers Served

Not only was our volume up 40% from April, but so far in June, we’ve already crossed the highest number of Moving Quote Requests made in one month since MoverJunction launched. How exciting is that??!?!

We’ve been experimenting with a lot of new traffic strategies (more on that in another post) and they’ve been working great, both in terms of volume of customers and brand visibility.

Exciting stuff!!!

#2 – New Site Performing Really Well

Since we relaunched MoverJunction back in October 2015, the site has been performing really well in terms of conversions. Where the industry average is between 3% to 10%, MoverJunction has consistently been converting at over 30% month-over-month. Even going up to 42% conversion rate last month.


While the conversions are up, the bounce rate has been holding way below the industry average as well. Consistently around 40% mark.

#3 – The Innovations Award

While just seeing the above results is a reward in itself, the cherry on the top came in May when we won the Innovations Award @ the Leesburg Annual Business Awards. Innovations Award celebrates a business or an organization that has brought recognition to Leesburg through innovative business ventures, unique product development or other cutting-edge business practices.


Receiving an award like this is both humbling and motivating, firstly because it boosts the moraleof the entire company. When we launched MoverJunction we set out to innovate in an industry that still operates with primitive technology and methods. Getting the award for Innovation, gives extra validation that we are on the right track.

I’ve been meaning to share this news with all our supporters and customers. I would like to thank everyone for their support and look forward to making MoverJunction the leading resource in the moving industry.


Raj Kalra