Exciting Year for MoverJunction Team

Exciting Year for MoverJunction Team

This year has definitely been an exciting one for MoverJunction and we as a team are very grateful for it. I would like to thank the entire team behind MoverJunction as this would not have been possible without them.

MoverJunction turned 5!!!

MoverJunction turns 5 and crosses 1 Million Quotes Milestone.

On 10/10/10, MoverJunction was launched with a mere $500 bootstrapped budget. From that point to today, as we look back we can definitely say that it’s been a great ride. A lot of milestones achieved and also made a few mistakes, but overall its been a great learning experience.

MoverJunction Relaunches

To mark our 5th year anniversary, we relaunched our new and improved portal that the entire teams had been working tirelessly for over 6 months. The new portal brings a whole new look, a new logo and tons of new features, to help make our customers’ experience even better. We now aim to not just offer Full Service Moving Options, but bring other moving options suitable for all moving budgets.

moving options
The new MoverJunction, now offers a variety of moving options, to fit every moving budget, all under one roof.

As we grow the portal and add new features in periodically, our users will be able to do just more than request moving quotes from full service companies. They’ll be able to compare rates of other moving options, search our extensive movers directory, read moving company reviews that’ll help them make better decisions.

1 Million Moving Quotes Given

Ever since its launch, MoverJunction’s core aim has been to make the moving process easier for our consumers. Every little update we do to our portal, every moving tips post we make, every marketing effort we take, is driven by that simple aim. Today, over a million moving quotes have been given through our portal and countless moves have been made stressfree. Seeing our customers satisfied has been a very rewarding experience, but the buck doesn’t stop here.

moving guides and moving tips
Moving Guides, Moving Tips are constantly being added to the site to give customers all the answers they are looking for.

We continue to improve and innovate to help our customers even better. New moving resources, guides and tips are being added daily to guide our customers better.

Technology Business of the Year 2015

One of the biggest and most exciting achievement for MoverJunction has been its selection as a finalist in the Technology Business of the Year category, for 2 years in a row, by the Loudoun Country Chamber of Commerce. It was a great honor to be included among the top businesses for the Small Business Awards. Such recognitions, give us a great validation that we are doing something right and motivate us to do better in the future.

MoverJunction selected as the finalist for Technology Business of the Year by Loudoun Country Chamber of Commerce.
MoverJunction selected as the finalist for Technology Business of the Year by Loudoun Country Chamber of Commerce.
MoverJunction @ Small Business Awards

Last but not the least …

Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

To add the cherry on top, our CEO Saurabh Raj Kalra was also among the 4 finalists for Entrepreneur of the Year Awards by the Chamber of Commerce. Check out the Chamber’s Spotlight on our business here.

Saurabh Raj Kalra - Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2015
Saurabh Raj Kalra – Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2015

With all the awesome stuff that’s happened this year, we can’t help but feel proud and humbled at the same time. We want to thank all our customers and our partners for getting us this far and continue our efforts to serve you better.

Here’s looking forward to an even more exciting 6th year!

— MoverJunction Team

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