Essential Packing Supplies You Cannot Do Without

Essential Packing Supplies You Cannot Do Without

What are essential packing supplies and which ones are the most important you’ll need when moving?

Essential packing supplies are the various tools, equipment, or items you’ll need to make packing your household or office items easier, safer, faster, and ready for a relocation.

If you are packing on your own, you need to procure the following essential packing supplies well in advance to make sure that the packing goes without a hitch.

Essential Packing Supplies You Need for A Smooth Relocation

Here are the major packing supplies you need and what you can use them for:

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are some of the most essential packing supplies you’ll need while packing. Where can you get sturdy moving boxes for packing?

You can get moving boxes free from a grocery store, an office supply store, or a liquor store. You can also purchase them from your moving company or your packing supply store. While purchasing moving boxes, make sure that they have lids and are clean and dry.

Procure wardrobe boxes if you want to move hanging garments. Moving boxes with partitions are well-suited to pack the items in your kitchen or dining room.

For large glass tabletops, artwork, mirrors, lamps and mattresses, you would have to measure out the dimensions and purchase large moving boxes accordingly. Small moving boxes can be used to pack books.

However, make sure that your moving boxes are not too large so that they become really heavy to lift when they are full.

Here’s a simple checklist of the various moving box sizes you should get for your move:

  • Small boxes
  • Medium boxes
  • Large boxes
  • Extra large boxes
  • Divided boxes

Bubble wraps

Bubble wraps are essential packing supplies you can use to hold items together to keep them safe. You can use bubble wraps as padding on the bottom of your moving boxes and to wrap items that are fragile and breakable. Buy bubble wraps in large rolls and cut the sheets according to your requirements. Bubble wraps can keep your items safe while in transit.

White tissue paper or blank newsprint

These supplies are necessary to wrap fragile items before packing them onto boxes. Local newspapers seldom serve the purpose, as they tend to leave ink stains on valuable items. As soft as they seem, white tissue paper and blank newsprint are essential packing supplies that can prevent lots of items from damaging while in transit.

Small sealable plastic bags

These bags are essential packing supplies to keep screws, brackets, and other small items together. Buy the small sealable plastic bags with white strips that you can use to write labels.

Other essential packing supplies are:

  • Basic tool kit to disassemble furniture
  • Box cutters to cut and open boxes
  • Labels to identify boxes
  • Large trash bags
  • Packing Paper
  • Pens and a notepad for writing notes
  • Stretch wraps to secure the doors and drawers of cupboards, tables, cabinets and bureaus.
  • Tape and tape dispensers

Cushioning Supplies

We mentioned using bubble wraps earlier on as cushioning to protect your items in moving boxes. You can also use foam wrap sheets to safeguard delicate and fragile stuff such as dishes. Though you can use bubble wraps for protecting larger items and awkwardly shaped stuff.

You can also use newspapers, but it’s a less valuable option. So, use it for cushioning less valuable or less delicate items. Newspapers aren’t as effective as foam wrap sheets or bubble wraps.

Labeling Materials

Labeling materials are essential packing supplies that makes it easier for you to categorize your items as you pack. They also make it easier to find items while unpacking and to know what room or space each item should end up.

You can either use a color code or write a simple description on each moving box. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure you label the moving boxes on all sides.

Packing Tape

Buy the best packing tapes you can find and avoid cheap ones. You’ll need packing tapes to keep many items safe including your moving boxes. Get a tape gun too and use them for dispensing the tapes faster. Use top quality packing tapes and buy them in bulk to save costs.

People often end up using more tapes than they thought. Here’s a simple list of the various tapes you’ll need to start packing:

  • Masking tape
  • Shipping tape
  • Painters’ tape
  • Tape dispensers
  • Duct tape or strapping tape

Moving Blankets

Moving companies often have special moving blankets to keep several items safe inside the moving truck. The texture of moving blankets, especially their soft cotton is effective in protecting even the most delicate items.

Moving blankets often come in various sizes. So, choose moving blankets that are suitable for your items such as couches and other furniture. Another good option you can use as moving blankets is any thick blanket you have.

So, rather than wrapping your furniture with shrink wraps, packing or wrapping paper, use moving blankets to safeguard them during the move. You can also lay out moving blankets in between delicate and valuable items to keep them safe.

The above-mentioned supplies will not just make your packing easy but also keep your prized possessions safe!