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Avoid Unnecessary Traffic Violations With This Interactive Chart


Do you drive?

If you answered YES to the above question, chances are you’ve received atleast one or more traffic tickets in your life.

Traffic laws and traffic tickets are are huge part of your life if you are an individual that drives a car in the US. According to an article posted by, between 25 – 50 million traffic tickets are issued every year, not including parking tickets.

Photo by Walt Stoneburner @ Flickr / CC BY

Photo by Walt Stoneburner @ Flickr / CC BY

In order to keep everyone safe strong traffic laws are required and punishment is warranted if those laws are broken. But the issue is that Traffic laws can be a bit tricky and being aware of all the laws is a herculean task. Especially if you are moving out of state. Each state has different laws and what’s perfectly fine in your current state, might get you pulled over in the new state.

Figuring out what is legal and what will get you a ticket can be really tricky. But thankfully we came across a great tool

Check what's illegal while driving in your state


Just Park recently compiled some of the most Googled questions Americans have about driving. But the answers to these questions depend on which state you are in. We thought this tool could really come in handy when people are moving to a different state or cross country. In my own case, having lived in VA for over 15 years, I had no idea driving with headphones was illegal.

We hope this tool helps you avoid atleast some traffic infractions.


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