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Find the Top-rated Moving Companies in Mississippi

While you are serious about relocating to Mississippi, the biggest concern would be to find a reliable moving company to move your household items to the new home. You want someone trustworthy to pack your belongings, load the truck, drive it to the new home, unload the truck, and unpack the belongings. You can breathe easy now as MoverJunction is there to help you. We have a network of the best moving companies in Mississippi on offer.

As the movers are properly licensed, insured, and BBB-certified, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your belongings during transit. Based on your preference – moving quote, the volume of your items, the mode of transport, the moving date, and other factors –choose a mover in Mississippi from our pool.

We take extreme pride in claiming that we have helped more than 1 million people move their homes across the US, both locally and long-distance. The 10-year stint in the moving industry has helped us recognize the demands of customers aspiring to move and to ensure a safe moving experience; our network only consists of moving companies that satisfy the specific standards.

Our pool consists of moving companies in Mississippi
  • With a clean track record
  • With DOT Number
  • With MC Number
  • Properly insured
  • Qualified to move special items
Benefits of using
  • A nationwide network of moving companies
  • BBB rated movers
  • Licensed professional moving companies
  • Pre-Screened moving companies
  • Hassle-free moving quotes comparison
  • Several Moving Options available under one roof

You’ve got 2 ways to find moving companies on MoverJunction:

  • Search the extensive Movers Directory yourself and contact the movers you find the best, or
  • Allow us to match you with up to 4 moving companies, instantly to save your time.

Our Mover’s Directory is simple to use. Click the State and the City you’re interested in moving in. When you scroll down, you’ll find the top-rated movers in that particular area in Mississippi that you can rely upon you relocate the house both locally and long-distance.

When you click on a specific mover, more details about it will appear on the screen. The details include the services offered by the mover in Mississippi – such as whether it offers only local moving or both local and long-distance moving, its MC and DOT numbers, and the year of establishment.

Also, we provide both the working days and ‘hours of operation’. When you know the working days and hours of operation, it becomes easy to contact the mover for a specific purpose. Also, when you are told that you will receive the household items within specific working days, it becomes easier to calculate the date.

You hire a mover in Mississippi to relocate within the state or move from a neighboring state (Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Tennessee). So far so good. However, will you do the same while moving to Mississippi from Washington, Oregon, or California, which are on the other side of the US? Probably you won’t and instead, you will prefer someone from your specific location.

Our network is not just limited to Mississippi, but it is large and has movers from across the country. This means you can select a mover of your choice in your specific location from our network to move to Mississippi.

How much does it cost to move to Mississippi?

It is a tough task to give the exact moving cost to Mississippi as a long-distance moving cost is determined by multiple factors, such as the distance you cover, the total volume of items you prefer moving, the season you are moving, and the type of transport you prefer for moving. Also, there are two important questions – where in Mississippi are you moving to, and from where you are moving to Mississippi?

As Mississippi is spread over 48,430 square miles, it is crucial to know where in the state you are moving to. You need to remember that relocating here from Tennessee, Alabama, or Florida would be cheaper than moving from Connecticut, Idaho, or California.

Here’s an approximate moving cost from different states to Mississippi

From State Studio/1 bedroom 2-3 bedroom 4+ bedroom
Tennessee $600-$1,030 $1,130-$1,750 $1,770-$2,610
Arizona $1,420-$2,100 $2,040-$2,920 $2,760-$3,870
Colorado $1,140-$1,730 $1,730-$2,520 $2,430-$3,440
Illinois $850-$1,370 $1,410-$2,120 $2,080-$3,010
Vermont $1,490-$2,180 $2,110-$3,010 $2,850-$3,980
Washington $1,910-$2,720 $2,570-$3,600 $3,340-$4,610
Maine $1,690-$2,440 $2,340-$3,300 $3,090-$4,290
Texas $860-$1,370 $1,420-$2,130 $2,090-$2,550
Kansas $980-$1,520 $1,550-$2,290 $2,230-$3,190
Maryland $1,120-$1,710 $1,710-$2,500 $2,410-$3,420
These numbers are based on past moves data collected by MoverJunction and are a rough estimate of how much you can expect to pay. For more accurate pricing, specific to your move, use our moving cost calculator to request Free Moving Quotes.

You need to consider the following factors while making the moving estimate to Mississippi:

  • Size of the move:

    The volume of household belongings you take with you to the new home is vital in determining the moving cost. The more household items you have, the costlier the moving will be.

  • Distance you need to move:

    For a mover in Mississippi, the distance you cover while transporting the household items is crucial along with the fuel charges, and mode of transport, in deciding the moving cost.

  • Packing services:

    The mover you hire will help you pack your belongings, but you need to remember that it will add the cost for packing materials to the total moving cost.

  • Moving add-ons:

    For every additional service like handling a special item or disassembling furniture and reassembling it, the mover will put a price tag, which will be included in the final moving cost.

  • Storage:

    After reaching Mississippi, you may need an additional storage unit to stock your belongings. You can hire a unit from the mover but the rental will reflect on the total moving cost.

  • Moving date:

    As most people prefer moving in summer, there is less scope of you receiving attractive discount or deal. However, when you move in winter, your chances to get discounts are higher. Similarly, public holidays are also costlier to move to in the US.

  • Insurance:

    You can take additional insurance against the household stuff you move but it will get added up to the total moving cost.

A moving company in Mississippi will charge differently for relocating within the state. Here, the cost is calculated on an hourly basis, which means the hours taken plus the number of workers you need to complete the task will be considered. And when you move the home locally in Mississippi, you would require spending approximately about $50-$75 per mover per hour.

Usually, it would require a minimum of 2 laborers and 2 hours in addition to the 1 hour drive time to relocate a home, which means you would need to pay for at least 3 hours for 2 movers. And the minimum cost you would need to spend will be between $250 and $300 unless your move needs more hours or more people.

To get a clearer picture of moving cost within Mississippi, consider the following:

No. of bedrooms No. of movers and hours Approximate cost
1 bedroom 2 movers and 3 hours $250-$500
2 bedroom 3 movers and 5 hours $300-$750
3 bedroom 4 movers and 7 hours $500-$1200
4 bedroom 5 movers and 9 hours $1,200-$4,000
Always remember that these are just approximate costs and the real costs may vary based on different factors.

To know more about local moving costs, read the MoverJunction guide on local moving quotes.

To know more about local moving costs, read the MoverJunction guide on local moving quotes.

To move the home long-distance, a professional moving company is always the best option. However, to move within Mississippi, you don’t need to depend upon a professional mover, instead, there are multiple cheap moving options.

Different ways to move somewhere inside Mississippi

  • Hire a full-service or partial moving service company

    When you hire a full-service moving company in Mississippi, it will take up the entire tasks involved in moving, such as packing, loading the truck, unloading it, and unpacking the household items. A full-service moving company may be costlier but it gives the moving a professional touch and relieves you from all moving-related worries.

    A full-service mover is costlier and when you feel the need to give a professional touch to the relocation process but at an affordable rate, hire a partial moving service company. It will help you load the truck and unload it at the new home and can also pack your belongings on request for an additional price.

  • Hire a truck and load it with your stuff

    You don’t need to rely upon a professional to move within the state. Instead, get a truck on rent, fill your stuff into it, and drive to the new home. And the only cost that you require to spend will be the truck rental, which will be something between $30 to $47 per day plus the fuel cost in Mississippi.

  • Hire a portable container

    In Mississippi, you can also get a portable moving container for rent. You can fill the belongings into it as per the convenience and the company will drop them at your new home in a few days. Here, a portable container within 50 miles would cost you around $400 to $500.

  • Rent a tow behind cargo or utility trailer

    When you’ve just a limited volume of belongings, you can move them in a utility trailer towed behind their vehicles. You can see many people relocating home in this way in Mississippi.

  • Move the stuff in your car

    You can also squeeze your belongings into the car and drive to the new home. However, the volume of items needs to be too limited. And if the volume is a little more than what can be fit inside your vehicle, take the help of a friend and his car.

While moving locally in Mississippi, you’ve got multiple DIY options but moving long-distance or cross-country from Mississippi is different and they are greatly based on how far you’re moving and how much stuff you have to move.

You’ve got many DIY options to move within the state but hiring a truck and driving it through multiple states is not a safe bet as it costs a lot more and also the fuel cost, the drive time, and all the headaches that come with driving long distances can make DIY a painful experience.

This leaves you only two options you relocate the home long distance:

Full Service Moving:

When you hire a full-service moving company in Mississippi, the relocation process will become fast, smooth, and easy. From packing to unpacking, assembling and disassembling your furniture to driving the truck and loading and unloading all the items, everything will be safe, easier, and faster. However, a full-service mover will charge you more as the services involved are unlimited

Partial Moving Services:

You can hire a partial moving service company when you feel a full-moving service company costs extremely high and it will disrupt your budget. A partial moving service company is comparatively cheaper and ensures the safety of your items.

You can also consider portable moving containers.

Yes, you can get up to 4 moving quotes on MoverJunction. Our services are not limited to offering the names of moving companies in Mississippi; instead, we provide solutions for all moving-related concerns. When we offer up to 4 moving quotes, you can compare them and pick the best one. Also, there is a free cost calculator to get an accurate moving cost estimate.

While relocating the home, the security of your household items is the priority and you need a trustworthy moving company to handle the household belongings. The moving company in Mississippi needs to be properly licensed and verified. Only a licensed moving company can move your belongings interstate.

Before you agree to a moving quote and sign up a contract with a mover, verify its profile on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), whether it is accredited by the BBB. There are movers which frequently switch names to evade legal issues. You need to confirm you are not hiring someone with a poor track record.

However, when you hire a moving company in Mississippi through MoverJunction, you are lucky that we have only genuine and licensed moving companies.

And in case you’re hiring a mover in Mississippi outside us, you need to confirm:

  • The original name, address, and phone number
  • Company web address and email address
  • Point of contact information
  • License and registration details
  • BBB-license details
  • Proof of valid insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

While approaching moving companies, you need to remember that moving quotes are never written on stone and can be tweaked but it depends upon how much you can negotiate. As the primary step, collect as many quotes from movers in Mississippi. Compare the quotes and understand what each mover is offering you. Negotiate with the company asking it to remove or add a service and see how much it changes the quote.

If nothing works out, show it the different quotes you have and as no one would love to lose business, the mover will be ready to slash the cost.

Some other ways to bring down the moving cost include:

  • Sell off the unwanted items to move with less stuff
  • Get free packing boxes
  • Move during the offseason (November to March, weekdays)
  • Hire a moving company as early as possible
  • Cut down additional services that cost extra

Legally speaking, tipping is not mandatory and there’s no minimum amount you can tip to workers. However, you can offer a tip for the satisfying services received. A mover when hired is expected to safely deliver your household stuff at the new home, and like any service provider; the workers expect recognition for a job well done. Offer beverages (water, sports drink, soda) and food (breakfast rolls, sandwiches, pizza, cookies), which will be a good gesture.

When you approach a moving company in Mississippi, you need to consider:

  • Reputation
  • Insurance
  • The company’s policy
  • Experience
  • Cost of service
  • Cancellation policy
  • Referrals

When you are doubtful about the weight, you can demand reweighing before it is unloaded. Legally, it cannot be extra charged but the final cost would be based on the reweighed weight. You can also demand to observe the reweigh in writing.

When you speak about the climate, summer is the best time as it would be sunny and days would be longer. Also, with no fog and snow, the roads would be clear. However, summer is expensive as most people prefer moving during that time of the year. You may not get a good deal and would require accepting what a mover is offering. Instead, winter is a dull period for the moving industry and companies would offer good and alluring offers. If moving affordably is your goal, plan your move in winter when you can negotiate better.

Similarly, weekdays are cheaper and weekends are costlier to move. Also, moving on public holidays is expensive.

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