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Is moving to Louisiana right for you?

The Pelican state celebrates lots of festivals every year making it one of the best places for outdoor lovers.

The state’s remarkable weather of 216 sunny days a year, low cost of living, and low housing costs make it appealing to people all of the ages including millennials and retirees.

If you love great tasty meals, bike riding, camping, shorter commuting time, affordable homes, and low cost of living, moving to Louisiana may be perfect for you.

If you’re considering moving to the Pelican State and wondering if it’s right for you or not, this guide contains all the key things you need to know about the state before making up your mind.


Louisiana Demographics

A quick look at the population and other demographics of Louisiana.

Male vs Female Population of Louisiana 2021

Male vs Female Population by Age Groups in Louisiana 2021

Population distribution by Ethnicity in Louisiana 2021

facts of Louisiana

Quick facts to know about Louisiana

  • Louisiana’s median home cost is $143,600
  • On average, there are 216 sunny days per year in Louisiana
  • Louisiana gets zero inches of snow a year
  • The cost of living in Louisiana is lower than the U.S. average
  • Property tax in Louisiana is 0.53% average effective rate

What’s the population of Louisiana?

The population of Louisiana is 4,627,002 people and the state stretches across 51,839 square miles of surface area. That makes Louisiana the 31st largest state by pure landmass.

  • Louisiana’s population is currently growing at a rate of 0.75%
  • Louisiana has an average of 105 people per square mile
  • Louisiana’s median age is 36.2 years of age
  • The ratio of females to males in Louisiana is 51.1% to 48.9%

How is the weather like in Louisiana?

The United States gets an average of 28 inches of snow every year. Louisiana gets zero inches of snow a year. If the weather is one of the key things you’d like to consider before moving to Louisiana, here’s a simple breakdown of the state’s climate and weather:

  • Louisiana’s summer high in July is around 92 degrees
  • January winter low in Louisiana is around 39 degrees
  • There are 216 sunny days per year in Louisiana. The U.S. average is 28 inches
  • Louisiana gets an average of 60 inches of rain a year. U.S. average is 38 inches of rain

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How fast can you commute in Louisiana?

Louisiana’s average one-way commute time is 25.2 minutes. The national average is 26.4 minutes. That means the average one-way commute time in Louisiana is slightly faster and shorter than the U.S. average.

Here’s how many Louisianans commute to work:

  • About 82.7% of Louisianans drive their own car alone
  • Up to 9.4% of Louisianans carpool with others
  • Around 2.8%of Louisianans work from home
  • About 1.3% of Louisianans take mass transit
moving to Louisiana

Top 10 Reasons to move to Louisiana

There are several reasons why moving to Louisiana is such a great idea.

Since you’re considering moving to the Pelican state, here are ten good reasons why many people are moving to Louisiana:

  • The cost of living in Louisiana is incredibly low

    One of the biggest pluses of Louisiana is the extremely low cost of living. Groceries, healthcare, housing, transportation, and even entertainment are cheaper in Louisiana than the national average.

  • Homes are affordable in Louisiana

    Buying a home is easier in Louisiana as the median home cost is $143,600, much lower than the national average. And 70% of Louisianans own a house. Even the home rental in the state is lower than the US national average.

  • If you love camping, welcome to Louisiana

    Louisiana is a camper’s paradise and all over the state, there are amazing state parks and campgrounds for you to take advantage of.

    We’ve got the 10 best camping places in Louisiana for you.

    • Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground
    • Bayou Segnette State Park
    • Reunion Lake RV Resort
    • Indian Creek Campground and RV Park
    • Bogue Chitto State Park Campground
    • Fontainebleau State Park
    • Bernard State ParkNorth Toledo Bend State Park
    • Chicot State Park
    • Grand Isle State Park

  • Louisiana is a bikers’ haven

    For bikers, there is no state better than Louisiana to set out on an adventure. Here are the 7 best biking routes in the state.

    • Lafitte Greenway
    • Lafitte Greenway
    • Monkey Trail
    • False River Historical Trail Bike Tour
    • Atchafalaya Basin Wilderness Trail
    • Baton Rouge Mississippi River Levee Bike Path
    • French Quarter to the Lakefront Loop

  • The weather is friendly in Louisiana

    Unlike many parts of the US, Louisiana has a friendly climate, with a warm winter and not too hot summer. The state has a subtropical climate where summers are long and winters are short. There can be cyclones and the state averages over 60 days of thunderstorms a year.

  • Great tasty meals

    The food scene in Louisiana is amazing. Boudin, beignets, king cakes, and pralines — the Pelican State has plenty of homegrown culinary creations you may have heard of, and a few more you probably haven’t.

    We’ve compiled 10 must-try dishes in Louisiana.

    • Po’boy
    • Muffuletta
    • King Cake
    • Gumbo
    • Andouille
    • Jambalaya
    • Grillades
    • Sazerac
    • Ya-ka-mein

  • You’ll enjoy lots of festivals

    When Louisiana hosts more than 400 hundred festivals each year, it’s no easy task to filter down the best 10, but still, we try for that.

    • Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival
    • Festival International de Louisiane
    • French Quarter Festival
    • Louisiana Catfish Festival
    • Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival
    • Red River Revel
    • International Rice Festival
    • Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival
    • Louisiana Hot Air Balloon Championship Festival
    • Festivals Acadiens et Créoles

  • There are tons of outdoor activities to enjoy in Louisiana

    This is the state where you can spot alligators in swamps, catch crawfish in bayous, and reel in speckled trout or redfish from the Gulf of Mexico. The bounty and fertility of the land here are simply incredible.

    Here are 10 family-friendly outdoor activities in Louisiana.

    • Exploring the jungle on a pepper plantation salt dome
    • Renting a houseboat
    • Collecting shells at the beach
    • Consider an epic bike ride on Tammany Trace
    • Kayak along Toro Bayou
    • Try the Bayou Macon paddling trail
    • Take an airboat ride in Lafitte
    • Check out fishing near the Saltwater Barrier in the Calcasieu River
    • Go Birdwatching at the Peveto Woods Bird and Butterfly Sanctuaries
    • Try out freshwater fishing on South Toledo Bend State Park

  • Louisianans are hospitable and they have a unique culture

    Louisianans are kind, generous, thoughtful, and fierce. They have a welcoming attitude and it is not rare to start a conversation while standing at a bill counter. You are expected to be courteous and wish a stranger on the road and Louisianans do that.

  • You’ll enjoy the remarkable nightlife and celebrations

    For those who are crazy about nightlife, Louisiana is the new home. The state takes evening entertainment seriously and music is the universal language of the state. Live music by excellent musicians and recording artists pour from clubs, concert halls, and casino stages throughout the state.

    With casinos and casino resorts scattered across the state, the range of entertainment Louisiana offers is huge.

Louisiana pros and cons

Pros & Cons of Living in Louisiana

One of the easiest ways to figure out if moving to Louisiana is right for you or not is to consider the pros and cons of living in the state.

Check out this list of the pros and cons of moving to Louisiana to get started:

Pros of living in Louisiana Cons of living in Louisiana
Low cost of livingSummers in Louisiana can be hot and humid
Louisiana is a naturally beautiful stateHurricane, severe storms, and flood
Louisiana has a great warm weatherPoor healthcare system
There are lots of recreation options in LouisianaYou may have to put up with racism, bigotry, and prejudice
You’ll enjoy the amazing foods in LouisianaPoor public education systems
There are lots of friendly people in LouisianaPoor economic growth
You may enjoy the laidback lifestyle in LouisianaYou’ll have to deal with some weird laws in the state
Limited financial opportunities
place in Louisiana

Best Places to Live in Louisiana

If you’re moving to Louisiana, you’ll be interested in living in some of the best places in the state. The Pelican state is home to several beautiful and livable cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Here’s a list of the ten best places to live in the state if you’re moving to Louisiana:

Rank City Population Unemployment Rate Home Value

Louisiana Cities Moving Guides

cost of living in Louisiana

Cost of Living in Louisiana

The cost of living in Louisiana is rated 86.9. the United States average is 100.

That means the average cost of living in the state is lower than the United States average. This could be one of the key things you’ll have to consider if you’re moving to Louisiana.

Cost of living Louisiana United States
Median Home Cost$143,600$231,200

Median House Price in Louisiana vs USA 2021

Median Rent Price in Louisiana vs USA 2021

Cost of Living by Categories in Louisiana vs USA 2021

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Louisiana housing market

Buying a home can be a great idea if you’re moving to Louisiana. The state is known for its affordable homes and most of the state’s residents are homeowners.

  • Louisiana’s median home cost is $143,600
  • Over the last 10 years, homes in the state have appreciated by 18.4%
  • Home appreciation in Louisiana is currently up by 3.0%
  • More than 70% of Louisianans are homeowners
  • About 2.7% of homes and apartments in Louisiana are open to rent
  • Up to 29% of Louisiana’s population are renters

Median home rental cost in Louisiana

Renting a home could be a key part of your plans if you’re moving to Louisiana. Home affordability rate is high in the Pelican state, which means the cost of buying or renting a home or apartment is low.

Since you’re considering moving to Louisiana, here’s a breakdown of the average cost of renting a home in the state:

  • The average cost of a studio apartment in Louisiana is $636
  • The average cost of a 1-bedroom home or apartment in Louisiana is $723
  • The average cost of a 2-bedroom home or apartment in Louisiana is $868
  • The average cost of a 3-bedroom home or apartment in Louisiana is $1,130
  • The average cost of a 4-bedroom home or apartment in Louisiana is $1,308
jobs in Louisiana

How is the job market in Louisiana?

Louisiana has recorded positive job growth so far.

Over the past year, jobs in the Pelican state have grown by 0.9%. Presently, the state’s unemployment rate is 6.6%, which is slightly higher than the national average of 6.0%. If you’re moving to Louisiana, here’s a breakdown of the state’s job market:

Employment Information Louisiana United States
The income per Cap$26,205$31,177
Household Income$46,710$57,652
Unemployment Rate6.66.0%
Future Job Growth22.42%33.51%

Average salary and income in Louisiana

Moving to Louisiana could mean getting a new job with a new salary and income. The average pay in the state is also an indication of the state’s economic strength. The following is the average pay in the Pelican state since you’re considering moving to Louisiana:

  • The average annual pay for the average job in Louisiana is $55,280 a year
  • The average hourly pay for the average job in Louisiana is $26.58 an hour
  • The average weekly pay for the average job in Louisiana is $1,063 per week
  • The average monthly pay for the average job in Louisiana is $4,607 a month
  • Louisiana’s minimum wage is $7.25

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Top Career Options in Louisiana

If you’re considering a career switch after moving to Louisiana, we’ve made a list of the top ten career options in the state. Check out the list below to figure out where you fit in.

Rank Job Title Average Salary Entry Level Salary # Of People
1Surgeons, Except Ophthalmologists$287,840$185,620270
3Obstetricians And Gynecologists$260,250$146,300100
4Dentists, All Other Specialists$254,090$184,20080
5General Internal Medicine Physicians$223,980$114,460410
6Physicians, All Other; And Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric$221,420$90,4104,680
7Chief Executives$206,080$83,240710
8Family Medicine Physicians$204,500$70,840360
9Athletes And Sports Competitors$180,200$26,470190

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Top Industries in Louisiana

The Pelican state’s economy is propelled by several large industries. Since you’re considering moving to Louisiana, you may be interested in investing or working in any of these industries. Check out the list of the largest industries in Louisiana below:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Agribusiness
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Process industry
  • Software development
  • Water management

Largest companies in Louisiana

Louisiana is home to several large companies including CenturyLink and Acadia Healthcare. If you’re interested in working for some of the largest companies in the Pelican state after moving to Louisiana, we’ve made a list here to help you get started.

Rank Company City Employees
2Acadia HealthcareLafayette40,600
3Ochsner Health SystemJefferson19,000
4MomentumBaton Rouge17,976
5Odyssea MarineOLarose17,000
6Amedisys Home Health and Hospice CareBaton Rouge16,000
7EntergyNew Orleans13,504
8Future Pipe IndustriesBaton Rouge9,700
9Turner IndustriesBaton Rouge9,522
10Kronos LouisianaWestlake7,303
taxes in Louisiana

Louisiana tax rates

Moving to Louisiana could mean paying higher or lower taxes depending on where you’re moving from.

To make it easier for you to make a fair comparison before making up your mind about moving to Louisiana, here’s a simple stat of the state’s tax rates:

  • Louisiana’s income tax is 2.00% to 6.00%
  • Louisiana’s sales tax is 4.45% - 11.45%
  • Property tax in Louisiana is 0.53% average effective rate
  • Louisiana’s gas tax is 20 cents per gallon of regular diesel and gasoline

Best things to do in Louisiana

There are several different things you can do in Louisiana – a state is never a boring place.

Check out a list of the best things to do in the state since you’re considering moving to Louisiana:

  • Enjoy a tour of the stunning Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge

    The State House of Louisiana or the Old State Capitol Baton Rouge is a historic government building and a museum overlooking the Mississippi River. The 19th-century building has found a place in the National Register of Historic Places and educates Louisiana's rich history and the democratic process through exhibits, programming, and the arts.

  • Take a walk around New Orleans’ French Quarter

    The French Quarter or Vieux Carré is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. One of the most visited attractions in New Orleans, there’s a reimagined French Market, modern boutiques, and artisan cocktails mixed with beloved antique stores and old restaurants. The district as a whole has been designated as a National Historic Landmark.

  • Take a tour of the National WWII Museum

    The military history museum in New Orleans focuses on the US’ contribution to the victory of Allied Forces in World War II. Inspiring and educational, the Museum offers immersive exhibits, a 4D cinematic journey, soaring aircraft, personal histories, and more.

  • Visit Mardi Gras

    Of the hundreds of Louisiana festivals, none tops Mardi Gras. Packed with spectacular parades, unbelievable costumes, music, dancing, food, and drink, Mardi Gras is undoubtedly the best in the state. Celebrations are concentrated for about two weeks before and through Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday

  • Take a tour of the Melrose plantation

    Formerly Yucca Plantation, Melrose Plantation is a historic house museum in Natchitoches Parish. One of the largest plantations in the US, built by and for free blacks, it is now a National Historic Landmark. Melrose Plantation contains nine historic buildings including the African House, Yucca House, Weaving Cabin, Bindery, and the Big House.

  • Go on a swamp tour

    Louisiana is packed with many swamps, perhaps the most in the US. The swamps and bayous are home to countless species of fish, birds, reptiles, and mammals that thrive in and around its fertile waters. Taking a swamp tour is the best way to experience the intricate network of Louisiana’s scenic swamps.

  • Take a tour of the Laura Plantation

    A restored historic plantation on the west bank of the Mississippi River, Laura Plantation was originally built in 1804 by a French naval veteran of the American Revolution. The Creole-owned sugar plantation is now known for its extensive exhibitions on slavery and the South. There are several preserved original slave cabins.

  • Spend a Day at the Beach in Louisiana

    A coastal state, Louisiana is home to some of the breathtaking and mesmerizing white sand beaches, often prettier than California and Florida.

    Here are 10 amazing Louisiana beaches.

    • North Beach
    • Cypremort Point Beach
    • Holly Beach
    • Fontainebleau State Park
    • Rutherford Beach
    • Grand Isle
    • Elmer’s Island Wildlife Refuge Beach
    • White Sands Lake Beach
    • Lake Claiborne State Park
    • Fourchon Beach

  • Catch a glimpse of the Sci-Port Discovery Center

    The 92,000- square-foot Sci-Port Discovery Center is a science and entertainment center featuring hands-on exhibits, programs, and demonstrations. The center encourages all ages to explore the world of math, science, technology and features an IMAX Dome Theater and laser Space Dome Planetarium.

  • See the USS Kidd and Veterans Memorial

    USS KIDD is a WWII Fletcher-class destroyer, and National Historic Landmark restored to 1945 configuration. The museum ship is now berthed on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge and is the only surviving US destroyer still in her World War II configuration. The museum includes a P-40 aircraft, ship models, full-scale replica of the gun deck of Old Ironsides, WWI trench exhibit, and Louisiana Veterans Hall of Honor.

  • Explore the Rosedown Plantation and Gardens

    The 8,000- square foot historic home and former plantation in the West Feliciana Parish community of St. Francisville is known for its extensive formal gardens surrounding the house. Built in 1835 by the slaveholders Daniel and Martha Turnbull, the plantation's landscape is a laboratory for the study and interpretation of the cultural traditions of slavery, the lifestyle of the gentry, and scientific experiments in agriculture and horticulture.

  • Tour the St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church

    The historic church at Saint Martinville was added to the National Register in 1972. St. Martin DE Tours Catholic Church is the fourth oldest church in the state, built in 1836.

  • Visit the DeQuincy Railroad Museum

    The railroad artifacts of a bygone era are acquired, preserved, and displayed at the DeQuincy Railroad Museum to heighten public awareness of the role of the railroad industry in the US. The museum at Kansas City Southern Depot is on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Experience the Festival International, Lafayette, LA

    The annual music and arts festival celebrates the French heritage of the region. The outdoor fest brings musicians, artists, and craftsmen from around the world and is held on the last full weekend in April. About 400,000 music lovers throng to be a part of the festival.

How safe is Louisiana?

Moving to Louisiana most likely means living in the safest places in the state. To give you a head start, we’ve curated key stats about the state’s crime rate so you can make a fair comparison with other states. Check out the crime stats of Louisiana below:

  • The property crime rate in Louisiana is 48.3. The national average is 35.4
  • The violent crime rate in Louisiana is 30.1. The national average is 22.7
  • Aggravated assault account for 73% of violent crimes in Louisiana
  • Behind Washington D.C. Louisiana has the highest property crime rate in the U.S.
  • Larceny theft is the most common property crime (84%) in Louisiana

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10 Safest Cities in Louisiana

Moving to Louisiana most likely means living in the safest cities in the state. To make it easier for you to narrow down your house hunting, we’ve made a list of the ten safest cities in the state, if you’re moving to Louisiana:

Rank City Population Crime rate per 1,000 Violent Crimes Per 100k Property Crimes Per 100k
6De Ridder1082028.740.9227.82
schools in Louisiana

Best Schools & Universities in Louisiana

Louisiana is home to several top-quality schools. That includes universities, colleges, elementary, middle, and high schools.

If you’re moving to Louisiana, we’ve made a list of the best schools in the state to give you an idea of what to expect. Check out the list below:

Best Elementary Schools in Louisiana

  • Ernest Gallet Elementary School
    Lafayette Parish, Public, PK-5 | 899 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Lake Forest Elementary Charter School
    Orleans Parish, Charter, K-8 | 629 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Belle Chasse Elementary School
    Plaquemines Parish, Public, 2-4 | 552 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Claiborne Fundamental Elementary School
    Caddo Parish, Public, K-5 | 442 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Dularge Elementary School
    Terrebonne Parish, Public, PK-6 | 359 students, Rating: 9/10

Best Middle Schools in Louisiana

  • Lake Forest Elementary Charter School
    Orleans Parish, Charter, K-8 | 629 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School
    Caddo Parish, Public, 6-8 | 1216 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Forked Island/E. Broussard Elementary School
    Vermilion Parish, Public, PK-8 | 301 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy
    Jefferson Parish, Public, 6-12 | 721 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Bayou Community Academy Charter School
    Lafourche Parish, Charter, PK-8 | 486 students, Rating: 9/10

Best High Schools in Louisiana

  • New Orleans Center for Creative Arts
    New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Public, 9-12 | 239 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy
    Jefferson Parish, Public, 6-12 | 721 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Caddo Parish Magnet High School
    Caddo Parish, Public, 9-12 | 1025 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Baton Rouge Magnet High School
    East Baton Rouge Parish, Public, 9-12 | 1509 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Early College Academy
    Lafayette Parish, Public, 9-12 | 257 students, Rating: 9/10

Best universities and colleges in Louisiana

  • Tulane University of Louisiana - New Orleans, LA

  • University of New Orleans - New Orleans, LA

  • Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College - Baton Rouge, LA

  • Louisiana Tech University - Ruston, LA

  • Xavier University of Louisiana - New Orleans, LA

  • The University of Louisiana at Lafayette - Lafayette, LA

  • Centenary College of Louisiana - Shreveport, LA

  • Southern University at New Orleans - New Orleans, LA

  • Dillard University - New Orleans, LA

  • Louisiana State University-Alexandria - Alexandria, LA

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