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Jackson, Mississippi takes pride in its southern charm, vibrant history, and amazing scenic beauty. But are these enough reasons to relocate here? When you are serious about relocation, tons of questions will pop-up, including related to lifestyle, jobs, safety, taxes, schools, and much more.

Fortunately you’ve got our ultimate Jackson moving directory which gives every detail you need to know about Jackson. Read this to know ‘the City with Soul’ in and out.

So, let’s walk forward.


Quick facts to know before you move to Jackson, MS

  • Jackson was previously named LeFleur’s Bluff and was renamed Jackson in 1821.
  • The city got its name from General Andrew Jackson, who led to defeat British forces at the Battle of New Orleans, the final skirmish of the War of 1812.
  • Jackson is the most populous and largest in Mississippi.
  • Jackson is the only city in Mississippi with a population over 100,000.
  • The current slogan for the city is "The City with Soul”.
  • The city is located in the deep south halfway between Memphis and New Orleans on Interstate 55 and Dallas and Atlanta on Interstate 20.
  • Because of the location, Jackson is called ‘Crossroads of the South’.
  • The city was the center of the Civil Rights Movement and hence has many museums and monuments related to it.
  • Jackson is also addressed as ‘The Birthplace of America’s Music’.
  • Aerospace, food processing, automotive, education, health care, manufacturing, technology and transportation are prominent industries.

Top 10 things to know before moving to Jackson, MS

  • The cost of living is relatively low in Jackson.
  • The education system is one of the best in the US.
  • Jackson is home to more than 60 educational institutes, the highest in Mississippi.
  • The city has a humid subtropical climate.
  • The city gets very low snowfall.
  • Jackson is a food hub offering a variety of cuisines.
  • The rising crime rate is a concern here.
  • Bugs cause havoc here and most homes are bug-proof.
  • The minimum wage is lower than the US average.
  • Natural disasters are common in Jackson.

What's the Population of Jackson, MS?

Jackson is the most populous city in Mississippi with 156,803 residents and is also the only city in the state to have a population of over 100,000. The population declined by 11.24% in the last one decade, the highest in a major city in the United States. The city’s density is 1,421 persons per square mile and the median age is 31.6.

To have a better idea about the city demographics r, we’ve got a quick breakdown of the Jackson population.

  • Jackson’s total population is 156,803.
  • The population is made up of 46.2% males and 53.8% females.
  • The median age in the city is 31.6.
  • The city population is made up of 16.4 White, 81.4% Black or African American, 0.4% Asian, and 0.6% from two or more races.
  • About 1.1% of the population is of Hispanic ethnicity.
  • The median household size in Jackson is 2.3 persons.
  • About 33.4% of the residents are married couples living together.
  • On average, 36.6% of the residents are single and have children.

How fast can you commute to Jackson, MS?

Jackson has an impressive public transport system that contributes to the low commuting time. Once you are here, you spend less time on the road as the average one-way commute in Jackson takes 20.5 minutes. That's shorter than the US average of 26.4 minutes.

As you may be interested to know more about commuting in Jackson, here are a few facts.

  • About 84.3% drive their car alone
  • About 10.2% carpool with others
  • About 1.9% work from home
  • Approximately 0.8% take mass transit

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What is the weather like in Jackson, MS?

The city has a humid subtropical climate, which means that the summers are hot and humid while the winters are mild and relatively short. Rain occurs throughout the year while winter and spring are the wettest seasons. Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms hit the city annually, often causing serious damage.

Let’s take a look at some additional facts about the climate in Jackson.

  • Jackson receives about 54 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year.
  • The city averages 1 inch of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.
  • On average, Jackson gets about 211 sunny days per year against the US average of 205 sunny days.
  • The city receives some kind of precipitation, on average, 104 days per year in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
  • July is the hottest month while January is the coldest.
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Top reasons to move to Jackson, MS

While you see many people moving to Jackson, you’d be surprised why! And here are the reasons.

Here are the accurate reasons.

  • Good weather
  • Good schools
  • Affordable living
  • Plenty of open areas
  • Booming economy
  • Good climate
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Pros & Cons of moving to Jackson, MS

Now moving to Jackson is not always about the best things in the world. Do not assume that the city is free from all negatives as Jackson too has got its share of negatives.

Know both the pros and cons of Jackson to analyze both before you make a final call.

The pros
  • Good living standards
  • Quality education
  • Many open spaces
  • Good climate
  • Amazing food scene
  • Promising music culture
The cons
  • High crime rate
  • Bugs are a problem
  • Natural disasters
  • Infrastructure issues

Best neighborhoods in Jackson, MS

As you are serious about relocating to Jackson, MS, you would be curious to know about the best neighborhoods where you can rent or buy an accommodation.

And fortunately, there are many good neighborhoods here. To help you, we’ve filtered out the 10 best neighborhoods in Jackson. Here are the top 10 best neighborhoods in Jackson.

Rank Neighborhood Population Home Value
1. Heatherwood 1,409 $224,100
2. Northpointe Estate 603 $198,000
3. Rolling Wood Beautiful 1,100 $178,000
4. The Village of Northpointe 813 $221,250
5. Lake Trace 1,458 $166,000
6. North Pointe 498 $244,500
7. Sheffield 656 $246,900
8. Colonial Homeowners 1,220 $140,300
9. Woodlea 611 $160,500
10. Northeast 383 $227,000

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Cost of living in Jackson, MS

When you consider moving to Jackson, the cost of living will be a concern and luckily, the city is highly affordable.

Health, groceries, transport, utilities, and most other things cost less here than in most cities in Jackson. And maybe that’s the reason most people prefer calling Jackson their home.

And to give you a good idea about the living cost; we’ve got the latest stats.

Living Expense Jackson Mississippi National Average
Overall 81.8 78.7 100
Grocery 95.8 94.9 100
Health 102.2 101.9 100
Housing 58 48.6 100
Median Home Cost $92,400 $155,300 $338,100
Utilities 92.4 97.1 100
Transportation 83.6 83.4 100
Miscellaneous 79.1 63.1 100
Job Market

How is the job market in Jackson, MS?

Jackson has seen a steady rise in jobs in recent years and this is expected to continue in the coming years. This means you have a bright chance of getting a job in Jackson.

The jobs have grown over 14.4% in the past few years and there is a wide range of jobs from various industries including finance, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and technology among others.

Here are a few points on the Jackson job market.

  • The job growth in Jackson is positive.
  • Jobs have increased by 1.0% over the past year.
  • The future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 29.9%.
  • The unemployment rate in Jackson is 7.7%.
  • The average income of a Jackson resident is $43,657 a year.

Let’s take a look at the Jackson job market to understand it better.

Employment Information Jackson, Mississippi United States
The income per Cap $23,176 $37,638
Household Income $36,9693 $69,021
Unemployment Rate 7.7 6.0%
Recent Job Growth -5.17% -6.18%
Future Job Growth 29.93% 33.51%

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Fastest growing jobs in Jackson, MS

When a job is a priority in Jackson, knowing the fastest-growing jobs would make things easier. You can easily analyze your job chances even before reaching Jackson. And to help you, we’ve prepared a table of the fastest-growing jobs in the city.

Here are the 10 top fastest-growing jobs in the city.

Rank Job Title Growth% Average salary
1 Human resources managers 122.8% $71,510
2 Credit authorizers, checkers, and clerks 119.6% $29,710
3 Chemical equipment operators & tenders 118.1% $38,260
4 Geological & petroleum technicians 115.2% $46,060
5 Coal winder, tapers & finishers 113.8% $29,940
6 Petroleum engineers 111.7% $65,410
7 Software developers 109.2% $75,680
8 Logisticians 108.0% $60,000
9 Operation research analysts 106.4% $53,750
10 Assemblers and fabricators 105.4% $22,160

Top career options in Jackson, MS

Which profile is best paid in Jackson? This is a crucial question when you decide to move to Jackson. When you know the best-paying jobs, it becomes easier to filter the jobs while searching.

We’ve got a list of the 10 best-paying jobs in Jackson.

Rank Job Title Average salary Entry level salary
1 Surgeons $242,600 $137,850
2 Family and general practitioners $215,860 $129,840
3 Dentists, general $185,860 $104,880
4 Health specialties teachers, post secondary $177,860 $61,130
5 Chief executives $167,870 $73,090
6 Pharmacists $121,540 $99.870
7 Agriculture & engineering managers $109,000 $65,800
8 Lawyers $106,440 $21,050
9 Real estate brokers $106,350 $54,390
10 Personal financial advisors $97,650 $29,640

What's the average salary & income in Jackson, MS?

Anything above $35,000 is a good salary in Jackson as the average salary is 43,659 and when you earn $35,000, you will be earning more than what half of the population in Jackson earns. Considering the home rental, utilities, transportation cost, and healthcare, Jackson is not expensive to live in, which means a two-member family can comfortably live with this income. The salary you receive here may differ based on your experience, job type, and many other factors. And to help you, we’ve collated a few facts about the average salary and income in the city.

  • Jackson’s average annual pay for average jobs is $43,657 a year
  • Jackson’s average hourly pay for average jobs is $16.83 an hour
  • Jackson’s average weekly pay for average jobs is $673 a week
  • Jackson’s average monthly pay for average jobs is $2,916 a month
  • Jackson’s top earners (90th percentile) make $81,000 annually

Major industries in Jackson, MS

While you consider relocating to Jackson, it is good to have an idea about the major industries here as you’ll know whether moving here would be worth it. You can determine whether your area of job or industry is prominent here.

Here is a list of major industries in Jackson.

  • Aerospace
  • Food processing
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Transportation

Best companies to work for if you’re moving to Jackson, MS

It is good to have an idea about the best companies or most employee-friendly ones as it becomes easier to apply. And we’ve researched to compile the best companies to work in Jackson.

Here’s our list of 10 such firms. Just check.

  • Cal-Maine Foods
  • St Dominic Health Services, Inc.
  • Capital Services Corporation
  • University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Trustmark
  • Ergon
  • Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance
  • Advanced Recovery Systems
  • Jackson Academy

How is the housing market in Jackson, MS?

When you are in Jackson, the initial days will be at rented homes and you will naturally be curious to know the average home rentals here. Interestingly, houses are available for pocket-friendly budgets on rent here. About 39.5% of the residents in Jackson stay in rented homes while 3.7% of houses in the city are available for rent.

Here are some of the latest housing stats in Jackson.

  • Jackson’s average rent for a studio apartment is $860
  • Jackson’s average rent for a 1-bedroom home or apartment is $870
  • Jackson’s average rent for a 2-bedroom home or apartment is $1,020
  • Jackson’s average rent for a 3-bedroom home or apartment is $1,240
  • Jackson’s average rent for a 4-bedroom home or apartment is $1,410

Average rental prices in South Portland, ME

During the initial days in South Portland, you’ll be in rented homes and the home rental would definitely impact your earning. Hence, it is natural to be curious to know the rent details. Knowing this, we’ve got you the rental facts in South Portland.

  • South Portland’s average rent for a studio apartment is $1,360
  • South Portland’s average rent for a 1-bedroom home or apartment is $1,570
  • South Portland’s average rent for a 2-bedroom home or apartment is $2,030
  • South Portland’s average rent for a 3-bedroom home or apartment is $2,560
  • South Portland’s average rent for a 4-bedroom home or apartment is $2,920

What are taxes like in Jackson, MS?

The different taxes will influence your take-home salary and it is vital to know the common taxes levied in Jackson before you pack the bags.

This is because based on the taxes; you will know whether the salary offered is good.

Here are a few tax-related facts existing in Jackson, MS.

  • The Sales Tax Rate for Jackson is 8.0%. The US average is 7.3%
  • The Income Tax Rate for Jackson is 5.0%. The US average is 4.6%
  • The average property tax rate in Jackson is 0.75%

What are the best things to do in Jackson, MS?

A big plus of moving to Jackson is the serene surroundings and unlimited fun factors. The city has a vibrant history which is denoted by plenty of monuments and museums.

In addition, there are many outdoor options to indulge in activities, which means all your holidays and weekends will be busy. To guide you more, we’ve collated a list of 10 top things to do in Jackson.

  • Learn about the World at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
  • Visit the Jackson Zoological Park
  • Tour the Mississippi State Capitol and Old Capitol Museum
  • Hike in the Mississippi Petrified Forest
  • Play at the Mississippi Children's Museum
  • Get Inspired at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum
  • Mississippi Museum of Art
  • Explore the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum
  • Eudora Welty House and Garden
  • Get Creative in the Fondren District

How safe is Jackson, MS?

Safety is a big concern in Jackson as the city records a crime rate, almost double the national average. Only about 45% of the residents feel safe in Jackson and as per the latest stats, the city is safer than just 4% of US cities.

To help you know the crime stats in Jackson, we’ve got a few facts.

  • Jackson’s violent crime is 45.5 while the US average is 22.7.
  • The city’s property crime is 71.8 while the US average is 35.4.
  • Your chance of being a violent crime victim is 1 in 140 in Jackson.
  • Your chance of being a property crime victim is 1 in 29 in Jackson.
  • About 46% of the residents find the city pretty safe.

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What are the top schools in Jackson, MS?

Jackson ranks high in education as there are many good-quality schools and colleges within the city limits and neighboring areas.

To help you, we’ve compiled names of the best schools and colleges in Jackson and nearby. Here’s our list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The capital city of Mississippi promises jobs, affordable living, and high standard schools within the city limits. In addition, the city also has amazing dining and entertainment options which ensure you live in one of the best cities in the US.

When your goal is to live in a city with good economic growth rate, standard infrastructure, affordable housing, and unlimited entertainment options, there is no place that matches with Jackson in the state.

The cost of living in Jackson is 1% lower than the state average and 16% lower than the US average. Here, housing is 32% cheaper than the US average while utilities are 17% less pricey.

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