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Moving Labor & Helper

Moving Labor comes in handy when you don't need to hire a full service moving company but also don't want to do the heavy lifting yourself. Usually we've seen people ask their friends and family to lend a hand on the moving day. While this is a great option, both cost-saving and convenient, it can land you in some sticky situations at times. What happens if your friend drops that expensive TV you just bought? Do you ask them to cover the loss or just move past it? Would you still want them to help with the rest of your stuff? Needless to say, this is a situation no one would like to be in.

Moving Labor Help

Hiring a professional moving helper brings you the best of both worlds. it's considerably cheaper than hiring a moving company, and comes with all the benefits of a professional mover. Let experienced people handle your precious belongings. At we have the largest network of moving labor companies across the 50 states. All the companies are pre-screened for quality and to make sure you're in good hands. You can search and compare labor rates from companies in your area right here.

When the time comes to select moving labor to help you with your move, there are two routes you can take. First, you can approach a local moving company that offers moving labor services in your area. More and more moving companies have now started offering just labor help to accommodate the customer's demands. With the increasing popularity of rental trucks and DIY moves, request for moving labor has also gone up. Check labor rates of companies in your area right here.

The second option is finding some freelance help from sites like craigslist or hiring some college students or task outsourcing sites like TaskRabbit etc. There are lot of people nowadays that freelance to make some extra income by doing repair and moving jobs. Even though they might not be professional movers, they sometimes have a lot of experience under their belt. Make sure you do your diligence before selecting who to use. This could be a great option if you do your research right.

When to hire Moving Labor

  • Have a Rental Truck

  • Need help loading and/or unloading

  • Want to avoid doing the heavy lifting

  • Moving few items

  • Moving short distance

Benefits of Moving Labor

  • Cheaper option than full service moving

  • Professional experienced labor

  • Reduce stress of lifting and loading

  • Faster than DIY Moving

  • Insurance coverage available

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