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Moving companies are a great way to reduce your stress and organize your workload when the time comes for you to move. When you need to relocate, whether its because of a new job or you bought a new house, home moving companies offer a variety of moving services that can make your relocation a breeze.

Moving sounds like an easy task, one that anyone can carry out themselves, but you have to ask yourself, are you willing to put in hours of manual labor, lifting all the heavy furniture yourself and then risking breaking the expensive TV or that piece of art? Its best to hire professional movers and make use of the variety of moving services different moving companies offer you.Different kinds of Moving ServicesBefore you decide on the moving company you want to hire to handle your relocation, take a minute to understand your move. There are three different kinds of moving services and three different kinds of moving companies that handle them: Local moving, Out of State moving or Interstate moves and International moves.

Local moves are handled by local moving companies. These moving companies need to have a valid state license which gives them the authority to operate. Local movers generally charge based on the number of person required to do the job and the number of hours a move will take. Second kind of move is an out of state move also known as an interstate move. Like the name suggests, out of state moving is one when you are moving across state borders. Out of state moving companies are required by law to have a valid USDOT Number which is a license to carry out interstate moves. Without this number a moving company cannot legally operate and thus becomes very important for you to watch out if the moving company you are about to hire has one. The last type of move is an international move, in which you will be moving to an entirely different country. Hiring professional moving companies ensures that your move will be safe and your belongings will be protected.Are you wondering how to find the best moving companies?When its time for you to get quotes for moving and find a mover, make sure you only deal with the best relocation companies. Only get moving quotes from moving companies that have a valid license and a good rating with the Better Business Bureau But this isn't as easy as it sounds. With over 50,000 moving companies nationwide, its no easy task to figure out which relocation company is the best moving company.

This is where comes into play. One way to find a mover and get moving quotes is to pick up random moving companies from yellow pages or other internet directories and call them one-by-one. However, the problem is that how do you know one mover from another. has years of industry experience and has pre-selected professional movers in every state ready to give you a moving quote. Once you fill out our moving quotes form, you can sit back and relax and wait for the best moving companies to contact you directly and give you quotes for moving.List of The Best Moving Companies