Top 10 Cities Americans Are Moving To In 2017

Top 10 Cities Americans Are Moving To In 2017

Millions of Americans move every year for several different reasons. But the question is where exactly are they moving to? If you’re looking to move this year and wondering where is the best place to be, I’ve got you covered.

I may not be able to tell you every single reason why Americans are moving, but I can tell you what most of them considered before moving to wherever they’re moving to.

Every year, real estate experts at Trulia makes a list of the leading housing markets to be on the lookout for in the coming year. So for this new year 2017, Trulia listed the key cities that will attract more buyers as a result of 5 key metrics: affordability, job growth, low vacancy rates, home searches on Trulia, and, as a result of the 2016 election’s outcome.

So keep those 5 metrics handy, the next time you’re looking to move to any city! You can plan your moving to any city with us, its 100% free and you’ll get up to 6 free moving quotes.

10 Cities Americans Are Moving To In 2017

Below is a list of 10 cities that people are moving to in 2017. Let’s find out if the city you’re looking at this year made the cut.

10. North Port–Sarasota–Bradenton, Florida

Why are people moving to Bradenton, FL?

Answer: The Glorious Golf Coast

The Sarasota area is one of the sunniest part of the country. This city is located in the Gulf Coast region of Florida. Popular as a beach town for snow birds, but the city has more to offer. In contrast to several other Florida home market, Sarasota is a full-time community. Its not a vacation or transient community.

The city is rich in natural beauty of beaches and friendly weather. The area also has all the key infrastructure of a big city including the arts, great schools, small to medium-size companies, and small universities.

9. Phoenix, Arizona

Why are people moving to Phoenix, AZ?

Answer: Affordability and easy living.

Exceptional geography, biking and hiking attracts many visitors from several parts of the country to Phoenix. However, what attracts home hunters to the eighth largest city in the United States is its affordability. There seems to be a home for every budget. The city’s transportation system is also a big plus. Despite being a big city, the traffic and congestion are reasonably low.

8. San Antonio, Texas

Why are people moving to San Antonio, TX?

Answer: A low cost of living

The cost of living in San Antonio is relatively low. Thanks to the many military families that are living in this area, real estate experts can be assured of a consistent demand and supply for homes. Buyers are also assured of affordable house prices and a guaranteed low cost of living. Jobs are also increasing, thanks to industry leaders like Toyota and USAA who calls Texas home.

7. Charleston, South Carolina

Why are people moving to Charleston, SC?

Answer: High affordability

According to Trulia, Charleston has been consistently named a top city to live in the United States by travel mag readers. There are several reasons for that consistent rating. Huge companies such as Boeing and Volvo have opened up tons of employment opportunities  to this southern coastal town. Unlike other areas with tons of jobs and high interest rates, Charleston have a low interest rates so homes in this area are still affordable. Downtown Charleston, known as “Chucktown” to young locals is flourishing with bars and restaurants. Now add all that with a rich history and beaches, and you’ll understand why Charleston is consistently named among top cities to live in the United States.

6. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Why are people moving to Colorado Springs, CO?

Answer: The best of all four seasons

What if you enjoy skiing? Colorado Springs could be the best place for you. This city has a mild climate all year round creating several options for outdoor activities. That’s not all. Colorado Springs’ high job growth and affordable housing is why its listed on Trulia. Colorado Springs is also listed as the 5th best place to live in 2016 by the U.S. News & World Report.

5. Tampa–St. Petersburg, Florida

Why are people moving to Tampa, FL?

Answer: Job growth in the Big Guava

If you’re looking to move to a city with tons of job opportunities, this Florida metro region could be the best place for you. This city houses the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida which draws education experts all across the country. With new developments springing up downtown, more jobs are expected this year. Projects such as the Vinik-Cascade development is aimed at bringing outdoor green space, wholesome dining and noise control to Tampa’s most busy area. That’s an indication of better quality of living in Tampa.

4. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Why are people moving to Grand Rapids, MI?

Answer: A growing economy

Grand Rapids was at the top of real estate professional predictions last year, and many more people are still moving into the area. Grand Rapid’s steady economic growth combined with a job growth increase of 2.7 % over the last year makes this city one of the favorites places to move to in 2017. Tons of job opportunities exists in several industries including education, medical industry, manufacturing and lots more, making Grand Rapids a diverse place to be.

3. Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach, Florida

Why are people moving to Daytona Beach, FL?

Answer: Stellar weather

This city is ranked third on Trulia’s list as a result of home searches on the site, both inbound and outbound. Another good reason why the city is ranked third is its steady job growth. However, the major attraction of this city is its awesome weather. The stellar weather of Daytona Beach makes the city’s housing market one of the most sought after in the United States.

2. Cape Coral–Fort Myers, Florida

Why are people moving to Ft. Myers, FL?

Answer: A booming economy in the spring

Lookingfor  a new job in a different city? Cape Coral-Fort Myers has the fourth highest job growth across the United States. Many of these jobs stems from the hospitality industry and real estate. Cape Coral-Fort Myers also boast of a great weather of 80-degree. If you enjoy Major League Baseball, MLB players move into Fort Myers every spring for training and with the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins comes a guaranteed annual improvement for the local economy.

1. Jacksonville, Florida

Why are people moving to Jacksonville, FL?

Answer: Jobs and a great location

Why is Jacksonville at the top of Trulia’s list? Jacksonville posted a 3.8% job growth rate in 2016, making it one of the best job markets in the Florida. Jacksonville has a high rate of inbound-home searches on Trulia by people living outside the city. Either for the great weather or tons of job opportunities, many people are moving into Jacksonville and only very few are leaving. This is one city that should be on your list this year.