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Tips to recycle your packing materials


Recycling or proper disposal of packing materials is important to conserve scare natural resources, save energy, protect the environment, and reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill sites. When we recycle, we are able to convert the used materials into new products and do our bit in protecting the natural habitats for future generations.

There is actually a lot you can do before and after the move to ensure that the packing materials are being reused and the corresponding environmental damage is limited.

Tips to recycle your packing materials

Know about ways to recycle

Go online to find information on different types of recycling methods and waste disposal facilities in your neighborhood or city. Your focus should be on finding out more about ways to lower the waste you create or deal with it in a responsible manner. You can also call your local waste management service to know more about how you can process the waste generated during the course of your move.

Select biodegradable packing materials

Procure bio-degradable packing materials so that you do not face any issues while disposing the same later on. For instance, you can use starch based polymer materials to cushion computers and other electronic items.  These materials are non-toxic, environment friendly, and can be easily disposed of with adequate amounts of water down household drains, once their purpose is served.

Separate the used moving materials 

Segregate the waste materials in appropriately labeled recycling bins. You can have separate bins for plastics and paper/cardboard materials. You can place these boxes in front of your house and arrange for them to be picked up by the waste management services in your vicinity.

Donate books and electronic products no longer in use

When you are cleaning up your homes prior to the move, you might find a few possessions that you would not want to carry with you to your new home. You can donate old books to local libraries. Some manufacturers of electronic products often accept old computers and television sets for recycling. You can even consider talking to your local recycling facility to dispose of the same.





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