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Some possessions you should not move yourself


When you are planning a move, the best approach is to hire a professional mover to help you pack and move your belongings to the new property. Although you can choose to do it all by yourself; however, there are certain items that can be a little difficult to handle without running the risk of damaging these permanently or may be even hurting yourself. Some of these items are either too big or too heavy, and therefore, are likely to pose many logistical issues, if you try to move them without professional help.

These items are:

Acoustic Piano
Most acoustic pianos are big, heavy, fragile, and also expensive. Hence, you would need professional help to move these in and out of rooms or up and down the stairs.  Your best bet would be to call in professional movers with substantial experience in moving pianos. These people can get your job done, without damaging your prized possession.

Indoor sports tables
Moving indoor sports tables for pool, snooker, foosball, etc. requires a lot of careful planning and professional help if you do not want to end up damaging the tables or the walls and floors of your property. Hiring professional help would ensure that the tables get moved without any damage, saving you from having to pay exorbitant sums of money for repairs.

Large Television sets
It is advisable to leave the packing and loading of your large television sets with professional movers. Television sets are often not too heavy but there is always a risk of them getting damaged, if not handled properly. Professional movers use special packaging and custom boxes to store and move television sets in a secure manner. Opt for a moving company that has experience in handling sensitive electronic devices to make sure that your television set is transferred to the new destination without a scratch.

Some of the other possessions you can leave to the experts are fish tanks, art pieces, washing machines, refrigerator and your collection of rare wine bottles.  Professional movers know how to transport these items safely and securely and save you the worry of damaging your prized possessions in transit.



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