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Some facts you need to know about stair carries


There are quite a few terms that you might not be aware of before the actual relocation process. These terms can crop up during the discussions with your moving carrier and may take you by surprise. One such term you need to be aware of is the “stair carry”. This is an extra fee that your moving carrier might is likely to charge. It is also known as the “flight charge”, a certain amount the moving company charges to carry your furniture, valuables, and other possessions up and down the stairs.

The flight charges are in fact quite common in the industry. If a moving carrier asks you for these charges, it should not be construed to mean that the company is duping you or trying to scam you with extra charges. You need to keep in mind that carrying your belongings up or down at least one flight of stairs requires a lot more time and effort. Hence, the moving carriers are justified in charging extra for the stair carries.

A professional mover you might be in talks with would tell you about these fees during the in-home estimate. On your part, you can try to negotiate these extra fees and be prepared to ask all the relevant questions about these flight charges.

Flight charges are applicable if:

  • Your home is some floors above or below the main entrance of the building
  • Your home has more than one flight of stairs or more than eight steps leading up to your front door
  • If your moving company is required to carry large and bulky items, up or down a flight of stairs

How are stair carrying charges calculated?

Some companies charge by the weight of the possessions they have to carry up or down stairs, others have a per flight fee.

You need to be absolutely sure about whether your relocation would include these extra expenses. Talk to your moving company about their policies on stair carries and make sure they are completely aware of the flight of stairs in your existing and future homes. This way, you would know what to expect when the final bill of lading arrives and less likely to be surprised by unexpected fees.


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