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Significant Tips for Packing to Keep Your Valuable Items Safe


If you have enlisted the services of full service professional movers, a good practice is to let them pack the fragile items. This is important as the companies are usually liable for only the items they have packed. However, if you are planning to pack all the items yourself, below mentioned techniques can help keep your valuables safe.

– Be methodical while packing and pack one room at a time. Do not mix things from different rooms in the same box as this can make the process of unpacking more <p align=”justify”>difficult and time consuming later on.

– Pack clothes, bed covers, and linens in suitcases. Small items have a tendency to get lost and one way you can avoid this is by packing them in bright colored wrapping papers before placing them in boxes.

– Label each box with your name and its contents. Make sure to draw an arrow indicating the side that needs to be kept up. If the contents are breakable, you can label the boxes as fragile. You can also label the boxes according to the rooms they need to be placed in after they are unloaded.

– Get the areas rugs professionally cleaned before the move. This way, they will return from the cleaners rolled and ready to be shipped.

– You can also assign color codes to label boxes belonging to different rooms or family members. This in turn can fasten the process of unpacking in your new home.

– If you are disassembling furniture, put the hardware that comes with it in a plastic bag and attach it on to the corresponding furniture piece. However, in a bid to keep everything in place, do not use tape or adhesive directly to the wood surfaces. This can lead to your furniture getting damaged during transit.

– Use small boxes for items that are heavy. Light items can be put in large boxes so that they are easy to carry from one place to another.

– Once the boxes are packed, place the ones with the heavier items at the bottom and the ones containing the lighter items on top.

Regardless of whether you are packing fragile items or sturdy materials, correct packing can save your time and energy while unpacking.

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