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Moved to a new house? Tips to unpack efficiently.


The real task of settling in begins once you have all your belongings transferred to a new place and have spent the first night. You would have to unpack all your possessions and make sure that everything is at the right place to avoid confusion. So what do you do to get started?

Prioritize: Have a plan in hand for your unpacking process. Create a floor plan of your new home well in advance detailing where everything would go. Work with your moving carrier to place the sofas, dining tables, beds, and chairs at the right place and according to your floor plan.


Start with unpacking your kitchen

Make sure that the kitchen is the first room you work on as you would have to eat at some point after all the hard work. Unpack the necessities and your most used appliances and put them in their proper places. Place all your pots, pans, and dishes in the cabinets. Put aside the fine china and fragile glass, which you can sort through at a later date.

Move on to the bedrooms

Unpack your bedroom next as it would be your place of refuge after all the efforts you put in throughout the day.  Work with the mover beforehand and place the bed and the heavy mattress exactly where you want them to be.  Unpack clean bed linens and pillow covers to ensure a good night’s sleep. Put aside some clothes in the wardrobe that you would need in the first week in your new home.

Unpack your bathrooms

Unpack soap, towels, tooth paste, brush, and other toiletries and place them in their proper places before you retire for the night.

Bear in mind that you will not be able to open everything in a day. Do not overstretch yourself by trying to unpack your entire household on the day of the move. Once you have finished with the necessities, you can gradually work towards unpacking your wardrobe during the course of the first week. This would also be the time when you can also take care of lighting fixtures and make sure that the fragile items, such as mirrors, paintings, and sculptors are placed just where you want them to be.



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