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How to save money while moving to a new address


The process of moving and settling in from one city or state to another is often a costly affair. You need to hire the services of a professional moving carrier, buy moving supplies, and spend on thousand other things to close your life in one city and start it afresh in another location. However, you can save money while moving to a new address by following the practices mentioned here.


Replace packing supplies with free materials

Get boxes from the nearby supermarket or retail store and use these instead of buying new cardboard boxes. Talk to the store manager in advance and he would be more than happy to supply you with a few. You can even use paper boxes from your office’s copy room or leftover supplies from friends who have recently moved to save on the costs of buying new supplies.

Use old sheets, towels, or blankets to warp up expensive electronic products or fragile items. You can use old newspapers to warp up glassware and not have to purchase packing paper.

Adopt the DIY approach

Instead of hiring a professional moving carrier to pack your possessions, you can save money by doing as much of it yourself as possible. All it needs is a little planning where you start the process of packing well before the actual day of the move. You can always ask relatives and friends to pitch in and help you with the packing.

Throw away items you do not want

Do not add to your moving costs by packing items that you do not actually use and that are likely to stay in the boxes until the next move. You can even make some extra money by selling these goods through a yard or garage sale.

Compare and select the best deals

Get moving estimates from at least three professional moving carriers and compare their services before signing on the dotted line. Work with a reliable online directory that facilitates the process and helps you get free and instant moving quotes from moving carriers having valid licenses and a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.



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